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A site dedicated to debunking every stupid lie young earth creationists tell about dinosaurs head on, and they sure have a lot of them. In the mid to late 1970s’ creationists began to spread lies about dinosaurs by first publishing Dinosaurs Those Terrible Lizards by Duane Gish, a creationist behind all the stupid lies he invented from fire breathing dinosaurs to bullfrog protein fallacy. Then in the late 1980s’, creationists published more infamous books such as David Unfred’s Dinosaurs and the Bible and Paul Taylor’s The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible and set up “museums” to house all their lies. I prefer to call them “crackhouses” because they’re no different than the other crack houses which sells illegal drugs that delude and kill any user whether in small or huge amounts. These creationist crackhouses sell special “eye candy” that delude the minds of the innocent with hardcore indoctrination. People who are unfamiliar with actual science are being indoctrinated into believing and accepting the belief that humans lived alongside dinosaurs (as depicted in so many science fiction paraphernalia) a few thousands of years ago and that they were wiped out by Noah’s Flood as told in Genesis 6-9 of the Bible, except for those that stayed in the ark, survived the Flood, and subsequently spotted alive by humans who regard them as “dragons” before they were renamed “dinosaurs” in 1842.

They’re all flat-out lies shoehorned into the Bible and blatantly told out of sheer ignorance of mountains of valid evidence pointing to the fact that dinosaurs lived and died out 60 million years before humans came to earth and that there was no worldwide Flood (The story of Noah’s Flood is inspired by a re-telling of a much earlier Babylonian/Sumerian flood story The Epic of Gilgamesh, featuring Utnapishtim, the character that inspired Noah. “Gilgamesh” predates the oldest known copies of the Old Testament. What inspired “Gilgamesh” comes from lots of good evidence, in from mineral composition of the silt and sediment deposits, for a large localized flood near the region that is now the Black Sea). There are no physical, historical, or fossilized evidence for such a scenario creationists advocate, but that doesn’t stop them from puking out one senseless lie after another in the name of God and lashing out on anyone who oppose their beliefs. After years and years of trying to make sense of what creationists do to the dinosaurs, I found that the only way to properly deal with these rogue Christians is to expose their lies about dinosaurs in a way no one has ever done before. Before October of 2002, there was only sites like talkorigins.org that expose all the lies creationists tell about science and evolution in detail, but it has only a small section dealing with dinosaurs. The fossil record having no evidence of dinosaurs living with humans is the only conclusion they made. In comparison with the creationist sites that contain scores of falsehoods and distortions about dinosaurs made up as a direct result of taking ancient folklore, art, and artifacts depicting reptilian monsters and dragons made up of modern animal composites and call them dinosaurs simply because to them they’re big, scary, reptilian, and look like them (never mind the details clearly saying that it’s not), those conclusions are not enough.

Creationists found it easy to take advantage of people (especially children) being suckers for dinosaurs. They use dinosaurs more than anything else to win converts to their fold. Scientists, on the other hand, heavily deal with how creationists deal with every other subject in science dishonestly while shunning away dealings with the dinosaur falsehoods probably because they just don’t know how to deal with them. That’s no excuse. Something must be done to counter every creationist dinosaur claim out there. They cannot be ignored.

People who deal with these religious zealots may not know how to deal with their false dinosaur beliefs, but I do! I spent years writing essays about what I went through and putting them all over the WWW for all to see since October of 2002. It helped me immensely in releasing all the stress, tension, and bitterness and letting go of all the resentment and anger that I’d bottled up for years while trying to make sense of this religious sect and their dinosaur falsehoods that were eating away at my life for over 15 years ever since 1992. Now I’m going to post all of what I wrote over the years on this site for all to see whether the creationists like it or not. And let me warn you…. I may not be a good speaker nor a good writer, but when it comes to dealing with those religious radicals concerning dinosaurs, this webmaster types rough— literally!

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