Ken Ham and “Dinosaurmania”

Answers in Genesis’ own Ken Ham long ago post his idiocy on Institution of Creation “Research” for the 1993 issue of Back To Genesis entitled Dinosaurmania Strikes Again. It begins with a short story about what happened after he preached stupidly about dinosaurs at an Australian Church. He was taking the church pastor’s family home from church when one of the pastor’s children blared out, “Hey Dad, how come you told us dinosaurs didn’t even exist?” Apparently, the pastor is in denial of the existence of dinosaurs when the article was written and he’s probably still is today. Thus, begins the article of extreme idiocy, blatant stupid lies, and empty emotional hype that goes along with Ham’s dinosaur size propaganda.

An empty emotional hype is just what the next paragraph contains,

“Children are being bombarded with information on dinosaurs through the newspaper, schools, and television. Probably because off the “monster” appeal and the supposed “mystery” surrounding these creatures, children love to hear about dinosaurs. Sadly, most of the information they get equates dinosaurs with evolution’: and millions of years.”

Feigning sadness about equating dinosaurs with evolution and the concept of millions of years does not make the scientific physical evidence and facts supporting evolution and “Millions of years” go away. Ham would like to have even children ignore the evidence intentionally and deliberately. With choice words, Ham feigns sad emotions to make the readers wrongfully think that everything children are being bombarded with concerning dinosaurs evolution and “millions of years” is wrong while the opposite is true.

Next, Ham tells about what happened during school assemblies where Back to Genesis seminars were being held at.

“At the school assemblies associated with the “Back to Genesis” seminars, I have asked the thousands of K-6 student’s questions such as: “Who has heard that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago?” “Who has heard that dinosaurs evolved?” All the hands go up in response to these questions. However, when I ask such questions as: “Did dinosaurs go on the Ark?” “Did dinosaurs live beside people?” not too many answer in the affirmative. Most of these children come from Christian homes.”

Creationism is neither a Christian doctrine nor a Christian worldview. It’s only propaganda. It’s all senseless propaganda used to poison even the minds of children with stupid lies, deception, hatred, fear, misinformation, falsehood, and most of all ignorance. That is what these poor children in Christian schools are being indoctrinated into.

“It is obvious that evolutionists have thoroughly indoctrinated even Christian family lives with false ideas about dinosaurs, the one we live in now, or that they never existed.”

Note the hypocrisy here. Note how Ham is making it as if it is all evolutionists’ fault for having “..thoroughly indoctrinated even Christian family lives with false ideas about dinosaurs, the one we live in now, or that they never existed.” while being in denial of the fact that he’s doing exactly the very same thing himself.

“The following quote from a recent book entitled A New Look at the Dinosaurs (Alan Charig, p. 24) sums up why many Christians are afraid to discuss dinosaurs.”

Creationists like Ham are all guilty of quote mining, even the books from the Bible, to further their senseless propaganda. Ham is lying when he states that many Christians are afraid to discuss dinosaurs while the reality is quite the opposite. Note how Ham is not bothering to show the quote in the article. Instead, he avoids it and states,

“The contents of this chapter must seem to be the very opposite to what is written in the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis.”

He gives the lowdown on what the first verses of Genesis 1 says and claims,

“Most people, however, no longer believe that the Biblical story of the Creation is literally true. They look upon it as a parable—an allegory (like many of the stories told by Jesus in the New Testament); in other words, it is a fictional story, which serves to illustrate a moral teaching. Many leaders of the church now accept that the earth and the living things upon it are constantly changing; indeed, some of them have been pioneers of research into evolutionary history. They say that there is no real conflict between science and religion.”

Rightfully so! However, Ham fails to notice that there are countless hordes of Christians who do accept the literal meaning of the Genesis account while at the same time reject young earth creationism because of all the lies, slander, hate and fear mongering, fabrications, falsehoods, flaws, and contradictions it has. He doesn’t even bother to mentioned that there were those who are powerful church leaders who questioned the authenticity of the Genesis account and tells their congregation to never, ever associate with those who use the Bible literally to promote false doctrines and false opinions in the name of God (i.e. St. Augustine).

But as for Ham,

“I believe dinosaurs are used more than any other topic by evolutionists to brainwash our children into accepting evolutionary ideas and rejecting the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.”

And yet he turns around and does the very same thing! Look at how he’s filling his crackhouse with dinosaurs from top to bottom. Look at how he’s using dinosaurs more than anything else to brainwash children into accepting his idiotic beliefs about a young earth. Look how’s he being a blatant hypocrite for making statements like that.

He starts promoting his dungy media and then quote mine a few articles from Tampa, Florida’s newspaper The Tampa Tribune dated to April 17th and 26th (Note the failure of mentioning the year of the issue which I think it was 1993, the year Jurassic Park, a movie based on one of Michael Crichton’s best selling novels, became a huge Box Office smash hit which the quotes Ham mines from the articles is implying.) that tells about how dinomania will rock the land with movies like Jurassic Park, Carnosaur, and T. Rex to name a few. He gives no reference to where we can find where all those quotes are coming from. Instead, he once again displays hypocrisy and says,

“Certainly the topic of dinosaurs is used by evolutionists to convince people the Bible cannot be taken seriously.”

The same way Ham is using to convince people that the Bible cannot be taken seriously as well.

He mentions about movies not being the only ones that are bringing “dino mania” back, but TV and exhibits shown zoos, museums, and other public places that draws millions of people to everyday is doing the same thing as well. One must wonder how could he either forgot or purposely don’t know the fact that “dino mania” has always been highly popular even before the year 1993?

So Ham decides to take advantage of this and stupidly declares,

“What an opportune time to use the [sic] wealth of materials now available to teach children the (in capitol letters) truth about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs did (in capitol letters) not live millions of years ago; they (in capitol letters) did live beside people; they (in capitol letters) did go on Noah’s Ark; they (in capitol letters) are mentioned in the Bible; they (in capitol letters) did live after the Flood (Job 40:15-24). There is (in capitol letters) much evidence that they have lived up until quite recently. God (in capitol letters) created all animal types. Dinosaurs did (in capitol letters) not evolve, and there is really (in capitol letters) no mystery about what happened to them.”

Writing words in large capitol letters does not make the such statements true. Everything he teaches is down-right false, outrageously stupid, and idiotically silly. Everything Ham teaches is entirely made up, including the notions of dinosaurs living alongside people, going on the ark, are mentioned in the Bible (Other than birds), etc. Taught to indoctrinate and brainwash children and entirely imaginary, made up out of complete ignorance of the total lack of dinosaur and human remains beside each other in both the fossil and historical records.

Other than mentioning that Ham has quote mined Alan Charig’s book to further his falsehood about dinosaurs dying out in the Flood except for those who escaped in the ark, only to leave the ark after the Flood and die off afterwords, I don’t need to go through anymore of the article’s details because it’s nothing more than useless propaganda and demagogic rants. What Ham is doing here is begging the reader for money so he can use it to encourage especially fathers to spread his stupid lies sugar-coated as Biblical Truth throughout the world.


A rant actually. Once in a big while some sympathetic creationist, especially to Ken Ham, would email me telling me I shouldn’t write this and that, I shouldn’t compare Ken Ham with Adolf Hitler, I need to pray to God to ask Him to find the right, respective words to put down, sorry I can’t buy into your views, your angry writings have turned me off, make fraudulent accusations, play god and make hellfire condemnations, and other facsimiles. Well guess what? I’ve got news for them— Who are you to play God and condemn me for telling the truth about dinosaurs based on the very physical evidence you choose to ignore!? No one’s going to tell me what I can or cannot write, what I should and should not compare who with who, and I don’t need to pray to ask God how to write to the point of bowing to your stupid sympathies! If you don’t like what I wrote in my essays, too bad. What I wrote is the truth, my true feelings toward those who advocate such falsehoods, the truth about how creationism and its advocates blatantly deal with dinosaurs dishonestly out of ignorance of the physical evidence clearly pointing to the contrary, and how its advocates take liberties with the Bible by shoehorning what they imagined up from their heads into the very book they claim to uphold “”from the very first verse,”” forcefully and wrongfully impose all the lies they made up from their heads and shoehorned into the Bible upon others against their will! No one’s going to make me change all that!

This site is not made to attack God’s Word, but to attack the very falsehood that gives God’s Word a bad name, which is young earth creationism, the most vile form of creationism the world has ever known. It is entirely of the Devil, the very same thing creationists regard evolution as without giving themselves a single thought about what evolution really is based on physical evidence. The only reason why they oppose evolution is because it claims that man descended from monkeys or any other kind of animal which goes against the biblical notion that man was created in God’s image and is the crowning glory of God’s Creation. So when Charles Darwin published his Origins of Species book in 1859, Christian Fundamentalists wasted no time protesting against Darwin’s writings all the way down to the point of making up lies about Darwin and misquoting what he wrote in his book. They’re still going at it today, making up lies about Darwin, bad-mouthing and misquoting him, ignoring and distorting the evidence, seeking evidence for their idiocy in science fiction, mythology and folklore, taking creative liberties with the Biblical stories of the Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel, blaming Darwin for all of the world’s atrocities, and striving to impose all their idiocy in public classrooms.

This site is made to raise awareness of how creationists deal with dinosaurs stupidly and dishonestly. What I write is pure therapy done to release all the stress, resentment, and anger that I have bottled up inside me for many years ever since the summer of 1992 when I was accuse of rejecting the so-called truth found within the pages of 3 certain pseudo books on dinosaurs some church friend let my little brother borrow to let me look at after he told them that I love dinosaurs and I enjoy looking at books about them. This site is there simply because there’s no other site out there that greatly deals with how creationists are using dinosaurs in a outright dishonest way, thus it was all up to me to do all the critiques and refutations of the creationist dinosaur claims, or else how can anyone know what creationists are really showing when they see an image of what creationists falsely claim to be an accurate depiction of a dinosaur by an ancient race of people while it’s really in fact something else that got distorted by the creationists themselves to make it deceptively look as if it is a dinosaur while it’s not?

That is why Stupid Dinosaur Lies is here. To raise awareness of how creationists deal with dinosaurs stupidly and to let everyone know the truth behind all creationist dinosaur claims. To those of you who really love to visit and benefit from this site, thank you so much for visiting and please tell others about my site so they can go visit and enjoy the site themselves, ok?

Creationist Crank On Animal Diet

Anyone who loves dinosaurs knows that most dinosaurs ate plants while others ate meat and the rest ate both. Creationists, on the other hand, insists that at the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, all animals and man, including dinosaurs, ate only plants and fruits just as told in Genesis 1:29-30 since there was no death and bloodshed occurring at that time according to the creationists (see this article for what I mean). Creationists deliberately mistook Genesis 1:29-30 as a commandment from God, who years later, lifted the so-called “commandment” just after Noah left the ark in Genesis 9:3 where God gave man permission to eat meat along with plants. Quite possibly this is where creationists got the concept of Genesis 1:30 being a commandment from God from other than their heads.

Ironically, while they say that there was no death and bloodshed before the Fall of Man, they went and turned around and say that all dinosaurs and all other animals ate plants while they are actually killing them, cells and all and shedding sap, which is the plant’s own blood along the way.

Plants are living things. They have cells, blood (aka sap), genders, and rely on animals and each other in order to survive. However, creationists stupidly asserts that plants are not alive because plants do not have a spirit (or breath, depending on the translation) (nephesh in Hebrew). Animals don’t have spirits either. That’s what most Christians believe. Only humans have spirits, a special gift God gave him after He created him from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7 KJV). This kind of concept is nothing more than a compromise between Christian Beliefs with Pagan beliefs that involve animals having spirits, such as in Native American Mythology for example.

As mentioned before, Plants are living things. They are alive. They eat. They breathe through stomata (tiny holes underneath the leaves) absorbing carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. They grow, they have genders, they reproduce, and they do die. Creationists make it as if plants are either edible candy or plastic when they say that plants don’t die or they are not alive (See Creationist Crank on Plants for more on this). Plus when they said that plants do not die, they deliberately ignore verses in the Bible that tells of human deaths in comparison with plants deaths. Thus, concept of plants not dying is just as a lie as the concepts of thousands of years and dinosaurs living with man being taught by creationists who, with willful ignorance, distort and profane even the Holy Bible itself for personal gain.

Another thing worth noting is that they also claim that even insects and other micro-organisms don’t have nephesh in them either. (see these footnotes found in 2 of Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International idiot articles on ants and piranhas for reference.) Does this mean that it’s ok for animals to eat insects too along with plants? (Look closely and you’ll find in Genesis 1:29-30 God does not bar any animal from eating meat.) Animals that do eat plants often unwittingly eat insects (including larvae, especially caterpillars) sometimes while they eat plants. Thus, providing the animals protein to add to their diet.

Just like Plants, insects and micro-organisms do die. They have blood, they have genders, they eat, breathe, grow, reproduce, and just like plants, they do die! YECs make it as if insects and micro-organism are like candy or rubber plastic toys that move on their own. Isn’t it hilarious?! They claim that no one died before the fall and yet turned around and say that there was death before the fall when they mentioned insects and plants dying in the Garden when people and animals step on them or eat them while they are eating plants and fruit! A self contradictory concept! Next thing you know they will be talking about fish not having nephesh in them along with reptiles because unlike mammals, these animals don’t show feeling and emotions at all!

Creationists are misusing and misrepresenting the term nephesh or nepheshim (plural) while choosing never to know that the word nephesh is used to primarily describe the human race. All throughout the Bible, that Hebrew word is used only to describe the human race. Only in Genesis, however, does nephesh is used to describe breathing creatures such as whales, dogs, monkeys, elephants, and humans.

When YECs make such as statement like that, one question has got to be asked, “What about those animals with sharp teeth and claws? If God wanted animals like lions and tigers to eat plants, then why did He gave them sharp teeth and claws of a carnivore?”

This is one of the questions YECs cannot honestly answer, not to mention can not explain. So to try to answer this, they promote another questionable argument for the diet-lie, which is the notion that just because an animal has sharp teeth doesn’t mean it eats meat— exactly no different than saying just because an animal has blunt teeth, doesn’t mean it eats plants (i.e. rodents, deer, hippos, humans, and certain prehistoric shellfish eaters like Placodus). YECs tries to make their case in point by referring to pandas, camels, spider monkeys, kinkajous, bats, palm nut vultures, piranhas, and gorillas. Their parade of animal dietary falsehood, however, don’t meet up with scrutiny because these animals have in most cases a set of teeth that fits a diet of an omnivore (eating both plants and meat); sharp teeth in the front and blunt teeth in the back. Plus, the reason these animals have sharp teeth like that is to help intimidate, scare, or fight off their enemies.

Herbivores that eat only plants have chewing molars to help them chew food on all sides of the teeth. The supposed sharp teeth of both omnivores and herbivores are found to be smooth, thin, shallow-rooted and blunt, unlike teeth of lions, tigers, jaguars, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, which has teeth that are thick, sharp, rigged, deep-rooted, and long lasting; all the better to strip, bite, and tear raw meat from their prey. The molars the big cats have is known as carnassials. These are a special type of chewing teeth that help animals to get a good grip on the meat, tear it from the bones and chew it. The meat from the prey is raw and difficult to tear so these animals need such teeth not to mention a strong muscular neck to support their jaws and help pull meat from the bones, strong legs for running after prey, eyes that see forward, ears for hearing their prey underground, claws to serve as meat hooks, and huge sense of smell.

Now, how would YECs honestly deal with Bible verse that shows David praising God for providing meat to lions who rely on Him for provision of meat, not to mention the verses that shows God inviting birds and wild animals to feast on his fallen enemies after He destroys them in battle (Jeremiah 15:3, Revalation 19:17-18)? Another question YECs cannot answer in an honest way. They would either ignore or pretend they’re not there or dismissed them as just a weak provision, which will bring blasphemy to God since this implies God to be a weakling when he makes such wimpy provisions for His carnivorous creations if that’s such the case.

In order for an animal to eat plants, the animal must have biting teeth for pulling plants, chewing molars, huge guts with special bacteria and complex digestive system for fermentation and digestion since plants are extremely difficult to digest due to cellulose fibers found inside the plants (By the way, despite YECs assertion about no decay occurring before the Fall, digestion food is a form of decay. If there was no decay before the fall, bellyaches will abound. In other words, the stomach would have been another worthless wasteful creative feature of God’s, if there ever was no decay happening before the Fall.), cheeks for storing plants, and eyes that see sideways to help the animal look out for danger. Some animals have no teeth so they resort to swallowing stones or grit to digest their plant food.

Predators do have a purpose in God’s creation and they do have what it takes be full fledged meat eaters. God did create some animals to be predators to benefit the world. For instance predators give plants a chance to grow and flourish by preventing plant-eaters from overpopulating the world, over-grazing, and over-browsing the land and help clean up the world by consuming carcasses of animals bones and all so that they don’t litter the ground and spread disease and foul order around. NO way is it sin for an animal like a lion and a shark to be a predator.

If it is a sin, then what good is it? If some animals can’t eat meat, even though they’ve been given the tools and the traits to be a meat-eater, then what good is it? If God really did wanted all of the animals to eat plants as “commanded” in Genesis 1:29-30 (actually He told Adam that he has provided man and animals with fruits and plants to eat. This is not a commandment at all.) and fruit like the fruit bat and the gorilla in the first place, then why did He wasted his creative hands, resources, and features on giving some animals all the tools and traits needed to become a predator? Isn’t it cruel and mean to have a god who waste his creative hands and resources on making animals to have strong, rigid, homodontically sharp teeth, sharp curve claws, and strong legs for running and skinny simplistic digestive system for digesting only meat yet He demands them to eat only plants?

If God does not want any death to occur, then why did he gave them the ability to eat, which is a form of killing, death, and decay? If God created them to be immortal, then what’s the sense of putting the Tree of life, with fruit that will make a person live forever by eating it, in the Garden of Eden if Adam, Eve, plants, and the animals were meant to be immortal in the first place?

Plants have tough cellulose fibers and would cause these animals like tigers to get very sick and suffer indigestion from consuming only plants and fruit.

Bears are omnivores, just like humans, and have a digestive system that functions the same way ours does. From this page, we learn that the so-called sharp teeth of a camel are really thin, smooth and blunt. Fruit bats do have smooth, round at the point, blunt teeth; not the really sharp pointed teeth like lions have. Look closely at an Antillean fruit bat skull illustration here and you’ll see what I mean. Although pandas eat plants (they dine strictly on bamboo), they will occasionally eat meat. On rare occasions, pandas would prey on small animals, fish, deer, takin, and bugs. Its canine teeth is kind of round at the point and blunt as seen here while its molars on the sides of its jaws are broad and flatten. This is what the creationists ignore. The fact that bears, bats, and gorillas all have special chewing molars on all the sides of the jaws that help the animals chew their fruits and plants before swallowing them for plants are very hard to digest as I mentioned before. Also the mammalian sharp teeth, called canines, are in many cases used for defensive weapons against enemies as well as for intimidating rivals while defending territories and females. There is a website that tells all about the different kinds of mammalian teeth and how they are used. Here’s a link to a website that’s part of the Animal Diversity Web which is part of the University of Michigan Zoology website that tells about mammalian teeth.

There are other ways of telling which animal eats either plants or meat other than looking at their teeth. Plant-eaters have a complex digestive system to help digest plants while meat-eaters have a simpler digestive system for digesting meat. Omnivores like bears have a digestive system that’s capable of digesting both plant and meat matter just like ours does.

If God wanted all animals to eat plants, He would have provided all animals including lions, T.rexs, sharks, and crocodiles with such herbivorous only traits, but he didn’t. It is no good for God to command these animals to eat plants, yet gave these animals the features of a carnivore. It seems to me, Creationists wants us to worship a wasteful god who wastes his creation away, features and all, and set these sharp-toothed animals all up for the fall if YECs say that God gave these animals these traits for them to use in the post-fall world after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and brought on the Fall of Man. Or be hypocrites when they say that evolution never occurred turned around, and teach poke’mon-style evolution by saying that sharp teeth in some animals developed immediately after the fall. Provision is not the same as commandment. The verse does not bar any animal from eating meat. Therefore, the concept of sharp tooth meat eating animals being forced to eat plants according to the distortion of Genesis 1:30 is entirely worthless!

A Visit To Ken Ham’s Creationist La La Land

eSkeptics has an article where Stephen T. Asma wrote about his visit to Ken Ham’s stupid creo-compound (Creation “Museum” aka Crackhouse) and took the time to ask him questions like,

“How many sheep would a dinosaur need to eat per day while living on the Ark?” He got that idea from John Wilkins’s 1668 An Essay Towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language, where Wilkins answered “atheistical scoffers” about animal capacity in the ark by making a case for Noah’s Ark to have a menagerie of humans and animals by designating the middle section of the ark to be a 15 foot tall supply area, containing a large amount of food supplies including 1600 sheep for carnivore consumption.

However, Ham, knowing nothing about animal diets, teeth, and consumption, uses his imagination and claims the carnivores on the ark, including non avian dinosaurs in his own words,

“We don’t know for sure, but from a biblical perspective we know that all animals were originally herbivores. (Carnivore activity only happens as a result of the Fall — animals did not experience death before Adam’s sin.)”

Ham is referring to some passages in the Bible that says that through Adam, death came to this world. But he never gets it in his head that biblical philosophy applies only to humans, not animals. Adam’s sin brought death (spiritual death) only to humans. The Bible speaks only about human spiritual death made through Adam’s sin, yet Ham wants to apply the death philosophy to include physical death and apply it to animals despite the fact that animals have no ability to reason and can’t sin like humans do. Plus, Jesus came to Earth to die on the cross to take away spiritual death. If he died to take physical death away and there’s still physical death around, then he wasn’t really a savior after all. What Ham teaches is definitely the result of taking the Bible out of context and manipulating them to exactly say what Ham himself wants it to say.

“So it is possible that carnivores ate plants and grains while they lived on the ark. Even today we know that grizzly bears eat grass and vegetation primarily, so it’s not true that an animal with sharp teeth and claws must eat meat or must be a carnivore.”

Neither is true that an animal with blunt teeth and claws must eat plants and grains and be a herbivore. Look at humans, rodents, deer, Placodus, Globidens, even cows and hippos and you’ll know what I mean.

“At the very least, the carnivores could survive on vegetation for a significant time span.”

They can IF they have the stomachs to digest them. But since they don’t, then it is impossible for carnivores to survive on vegetation without getting health problems from them. Even Little Tyke had major health problems throughout her life when she suffered a rare case of meat deficiency and refused to eat meat like everyone else of her kind.

Bears, like humans, are omnivores. And there was death occurring before Adam ate the apple – plant death. If there was no death, then there was no digestion; there were bald people and animals (hair is entirely made up of dead cells); no poopin the ground; and no food for worms and plants (Worms and plants feed on decaying matter.).

Bears possessed chewing molars to help them chew plants and a complex digestive system like humans to help digest all kinds of foods including plants. Dinosaurs like T. rex have only one set of teeth design for one purpose only — to help him crush bone as well as tear through skin and flesh. And his stomach can only digest meat, not coconuts.

The coconut eating T. rex is all pretend. Ham simply used his imagination and pretend that T.rex ate coconuts (Which are in fact embryonic stems that first appeared in India and New Zealand c.15 million years ago, long after T.rex became extinct! Seriously, if the creationists and others, who oppose embryonic stem cell research, don’t want scientists to destroy embryonic stems for research, then they should also never destroy coconuts, melons, and all other embryonic fruit stems!) and other plants in the Garden of Eden before the fall, falsely claiming that it’s all true, while in reality it’s not.

T.rex and all other carnivores was never herbivores to begin with.

Next, Asma states that the crackhouse, the so-called creation museum, is part of Ham’s satanic ministry, Answers in Genesis, run by him and his board of directors, each like Ham is described as “a godly man who walks with the Lord in [sic] wisdom and maturity” while hiding their own bankrupt morals, sins, flaws, bigotry, and faults from public eye, lest they be exposed as what they really are — self-righteous pharisees promoting a rogue Christian extremist cult that only come from the mouth of Satan. He then shares a promotion for their crackhouse that claims,

Almost all natural history museums proclaim an evolutionary, humanistic worldview. For example, they will typically place dinosaurs on an evolutionary timeline millions of years before man.

Rightfully so! On the count of the fact that there’s no human and dinosaur remains found together in all records, whether it’s the fossil record or historical records.

AiG’s museum will proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and will show that there is a Creator, and that this Creator is Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:15–20), who is our Savior.”

Actually what they will do is only promote their own version of Genesis 1-11, skip much of the Bible, including verses that clearly debunks all the young earth lies, make references to out of context verses and then preach that Eden will be restored someday (with the tree of knowledge, the tree of life, a tempting snake, and day and night hours, animals wasting carnivore teeth on plants while butter up on each other, etc.) after God destroys the earth as told in II Peter 3. This is their own version of “the authority and accuracy of The Bible from Genesis to Revelation” made up entirely out of made up crap shoehorned into the Bible and passages taken out of context and distorted to be exactly what creationists want while throwing out what they think is contradictory including irrefutable facts and the hard-core truth. This is their own version of sola scriptura

“Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, near Cincinnati, the museum has an elaborate walk-through exhibit of Noah’s ark. As you enter the giant exhibit you encounter 12 animatronic figures building the vessel. You can then meander around two floors of animal pairs, walking both inside and outside the ark. There is also a display of the design plan of the ark to lend scale, demonstrating to visitors that this massive diorama represents only 1 percent of the total ark space. The walls are covered with mural paintings that show how Noah’s family took care of the animals, including engineering speculations about food and waste management.”

Like evolutionists, like young earth extremists. Always making up speculations without one single evidence to back up what they’re speculating about. You can always bet that what is depicted in the mural is all the imagination of the Young Earth Extremists (YEE) who then turn around and make hypocritical statements about evolutionists and their views of the world.

And crucial to the logic of the entire ark display is the exhibit showing how two of every “kind” of animal was brought on board, not two of every “species.”

Noah was to take up all types of animals 2 by 2 up the ark, including species. But here YEEs would like to make you think that Noah took up only the likes of Alioramus, Scelidosaurus, Kodiak bears, mountain lions, and mule deer while leaving Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, grizzly bears, African lions, and elks, to drown in the Flood. This is one of the purest examples of how their dogma greatly contradicts the Bible despite their constant claim that they “(sic) uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.” This is entirely made up to deal with the mass diversities of animal life both living and extinct that have come and gone over countless eons throughout the world, including Ham’s made up fallacy about dinosaur “kinds” being fewer than 50 different “kinds.” At least Asma spoke the truth when he says that scientists has identified about 2,000 genera of dinosaurs (And still growing!), which is far from the fewer-than-50-different-kinds fallacy Ham deliberately made up from his head to explain how did Noah put all the animals in the ark while there’s in fact no way can Noah took up about 90 million+ kinds in the ark.

If young earth it’s true, then Noah would take only dalmatians and leave all other dog kinds to die in the flood. Also, if young earth is true, then Noah would have took up these baby versions of these basic dinosaurs:

1. Magyarosaurus – a titanosaurid
2. Scutellosaurus – a primitive ankylosaurus
3. Alioramus – a primitive tyrannosaur
4. Compsognathus – one of the smallest dinosaurs related to Archaeopteryx
5. Protohadros – a non crested duckbill dinosaur
6. Zuniceratops – a primitive horned dinosaur
7. Thecodontosaurus – a primitive prosauropod
8. Callovosaurus – a camptosaurid
9. Masiskasaurus – an abelisaurid
10. Proceratosaurus – an early ceratosaurid
11. Noasaurus – a dromaeosaurid
12. Homalocephale – a pachycephaolosaurus
13. Dicraeosaurus – a well known dicraeosaurid with a short neck
14. Lesothosaurus – a fabrosaurid
15. Heterodontosaurus – a heterodontosaurid
16. Huayangosaurus – a primitive stegosaur
17. Incisivosaurus – a primitive oviraptor
18. Irritator – a Spinosaurid
19. Harpyminus – an ornithomimid
20. Saurolophus – a crested duckbill dinosaur
21. Segisaurus – a primitive coelurosaur
22. Saurornithotholestes – a stynonychosaurid
23. Technosaurus – an early ornithschian dinosaur
24. Falcarius – an early therizinosaur
25. Chindesaurus – a Herrerasaur
26. Jeholosaurus – a Hypsilophodont

….all while leaving the most famous types of dinosaurs like Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and T.Rex to die in the flood.

Noah must have been very disobedient (And God let’s him get away with it!) when he took only one pair of animal species, while leaving all the rest to die while he is supposed to take 2 of all kinds of animals, including species into the ark. If young earth is true, then we would have seen only one animal variety with no modifications in any way instead of seeing great multiple varieties of ever-developing, ever-modifying animal species and kinds coming, flourishing, and going to make way for others all over the world over multiple periods of time in real life. If young earth is true, we would have seen only whitetail deer and nothing else deer-wise; We would have seen just the Kodiak bear and nothing else bear-wise; We would have seen only lion and nothing else cat-wise; and we would have seen only Dalmatians and nothing else dog-wise. But that’s not at all the case.

He also must have been very disobedient to God’s commands (And God let’s him get away with that, too!) to take up only all animals into the ark that are sexually mature adults, which is what “a male and his mate” clearly implies in the Flood passage. If young earth is true, then Noah only took up to 50 helpless sheep-size baby dinosaurs that would never survive for even several hours after the Flood has ended and the waters have gone back to the sea due to predators finding no problems in devouring them all whether in singles or in packs, never to give them a chance to experience “growth spurts” about 5 years after the flood ended.

Just like in all of his bat guano, Ham, to fit all of the animals into the ark, imagines dinosaurs to be about the size of sheep on average when they enter the ark and experience growth spurts about 5 years after they left the ark, while being blatantly ignorant of the fact that dinosaurs in most cases grew from small hatchlings to adults in a matter of months and came in all sorts of shapes and sizes from the size of a cat to the size of a 6 story building.

This is the creationists’ way of shortening the animal kingdom into one tight package in an effort to fit them all into the ark which completely impossible to do without finding flaws and mistakes in all of their ark capacity claims.

Ham then poops out another imaginary scenario depicting vegetable mats and how insects survive on them instead of in the ark which also greatly contradicts the verse that says all land living beings outside the ark died in the Flood, including plants and insects. The violent choppy waters and the ravage storms would have completely torn the mats apart and kill off all the insects before they ever got a chance to survive.

As Asma tours the crackhouse seeing all the fallacies found in them including The Grand Canyon Lie, he asks Ham “…if there was any particular museum exhibit that might prove conversionary for the skeptic,..” Ham responds,

“I think one of the big issues in this whole topic is obviously the age of the earth — the question of millions of years versus thousands of years. That issue is even more key than the business of Darwinian evolution. And I believe that there is very compelling evidence in our displays — and in the DVDs that we produce — to show that the earth is not millions of years old.”

And what they show in their flawed bat guano is all made up lies, imagined by the YEEs without any valid evidence and credence given to back it up.

“What is really on display here is what Max Weber called the “enchanted garden” — a magical place wherein God cares about human beings and codes nature with secrets and signs of his power and purpose. The scientific world view, by contrast, presents what Stephen Jay Gould once described as “the ‘cold bath’ theory that nature was not constructed as our eventual abode, didn’t know we were coming (we are, after all, interlopers of the latest geological microsecond), and doesn’t give a damn about us (speaking metaphorically).” However, Gould concludes, “I regard such a position as liberating, not depressing.”

In other words, what YEEs are promoting in Ham’s crackhouse is the following fairy tale:

“Once upon a time, in a certain garden, all was merry and bright. The animals and humans frolic together in peace, eating plants in the presence of the loving, caring fairy tale king, who made his home in the sky and created the garden for everyone to live happily in. But one fateful day, the dreaded snake trick the humans into eating the apple. Then, suddenly all is not well. The animals and humans began to fight, the garden is ruined, and the fairy tale king, angered over all this, had to banish the couple out of his fairy tale garden to fend for themselves in a dark cold world beyond their former garden home and then, covered both the warm garden and the ‘cold bath’ in massive gallons of water to kill all of the wicked animals and humans plaguing the 2 worlds except those who are safe and warm inside of a wooden box-like boat. But all is not lost, as the king made a promise to humans that one day, his garden will be restored, the snake will be killed, and all of the people and animals will be just like before and live happily ever after. The end.”

This is the fairy tale creationists wants you to believe it is real despite valid evidence piled up against it.

In Ham’s eyes, the reason why there are problems in this world is because in his own words,

“The devastating effect that evolutionary humanism has had on society, and even the church, makes it clear that everyone — including Christians — needs to return to the clear teachings of Scripture and Genesis and acknowledge Christ as our Creator and Savior. In fact, Genesis has the answer to many of the problems facing the compromising church and questioning world today.”

And the answer Genesis has to the problems facing “the compromising church and questioning world today” is nil. Genesis is not a cure-all, solve-all and is in no way an answer to all of world’s problems, past, present, and future. It will solve nothing. As a matter of fact, Genesis and the entire Bible have been know to create more problems than the alleged “evolutionary humanism” and have been used so many times as a justification for all sorts of atrocities including murder, rape, stealing, genocide, abuse, racism, and all other problems and social issues that have been going on and on before Darwin was ever born, before the Origins of Species is published, and ever since the Dawn of Man. Even if everyone return to “the clear teachings of Scripture and Genesis and acknowledge Christ as our Creator and Savior,” there will still be problems purveying on and on in this world including lawlessness, suicide, abortion, divorce, adultery, teenage pregnancy, abuse, school and college campus shootings, and bigotry. Especially when all moral decay and lawlessness are brought on by Christians themselves.

Even Christians sin. No excuse in saying, “Oh, these bad things are just being brought on by people pretending to be Christians.” For even the most sincere devoted Christians commit atrocities and would try to invoke the Word of The Lord to justify their actions and avoid prison time. Heck, there’s even instances where a Christian came into abortion clinics to gun down and blow away people working there.

After hearing that from Ham about his “final solution” to the world’s problems which will in fact solve nothing, Asma asks Mike Looy about the crackhouse’s “intentions” and gets this answer,

“The [creationist] message is that the Bible is true.”

No, the Bible is not true when it comes to everything science. YEEs only made it all up and shoehorn them into the book that speaks nothing of science, dinosaurs, fossils, etc. The Bible was written at the time science, evolution, dinosaurs, and others were completely unknown and never heard of. Therefore, you will find no such subjects in the bible.

“We’re not trying to hide that from anyone — the museum will be an evangelistic center.”

A center of the damned to be exact. This place will make atheists out of people once they learn of the crackhouse’s true motives – to spread lies and ignorance about everything science and delude people to the point of never telling dinosaur from a dragon, making them regard the truth concerning science, archeology, and history based upon mountains of evidence against what Ham claims in his crackhouse all a lie— all in the name of God.

Asma, after he mentions the fact that,..

“Many mainstream moderate Christians read the Bible figuratively rather than literally and they see God as the maker of natural laws, from the Big Bang to natural selection. They are comfortable with modern science and for them God is not a micromanager of nature, nor an intruder on the free-will affairs of the human species.”

…asks Looy if moderate Christians and theistic evolutionists would enjoy the crackhouse.

Looy responds,

“Well, we welcome them to the museum to observe two things; one, the evidence that supports Genesis and shows them that they don’t need to compromise with the evolutionists, And two, we’ll also challenge them with the question, Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as Darwinian evolution?”

Rather why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as a young earth with plants, animals and people living on it bearing features such as rigged sharp teeth, carnassials, stomachs for only digesting meat, poisons, spikes, etc. that are highly useless if God wanted them to be only peaceful plant-eaters, eating plants, fruits, and grains and butter up on one another?

Rather why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as a young earth where animals in it are forced to suffer punishment for the sins of mankind even though they in fact had nothing to do with it?

Rather why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as defensive and offensive features such as rigged sharp teeth, carnassials (special teeth molars used to hook onto meat as they tear it from bone.), stomachs for only digesting meat, poisons, spikes, etc. that are highly useless if God wanted all animals and people to be only peaceful plant-eaters, eating plants, fruits, and grains and butter up on one another? If it’s because he knew they will use them in the fallen world, it’s just comes to show that God, cruel and wasteful He is, has set them up for the fall all along when he goes and destroys the world through the Flood and later on through the fire.

Rather why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as a global flood and its aftermath to destroy everything he wanted to salvage to begin with?

Rather why would an all-powerful, all-knowing God use something so cruel and wasteful as a 6000 year earth God plans to destroy in the near future? If he creates a 6000 year old earth, including wasteful, destructive features that prompts him to destroy what he made with water and one day with fire and start everything all over again, then what’s the point of ever creating it in the first place?

Next, Asma mentions the crackhouse’s awareness of the problems of evil and talks about the crackhouses’ infamous section known as “The Cave of [sic] Sorrows” Boo Hoo! Such troublesome blame game it display without shame; Eve eating the forbidden fruit and all of the animal kingdom began suffering the painful sting of death and dying because of it.

All are entirely imagination while never getting it in their heads that God does not judge the innocent along with the guilty and the only guilty ones God has ever judge were Adam, Eve, and the snake, who tempt them to eat the forbidden fruit, no one else.

After spending years of being in absolute denial of Natural Selection (all organisms tend to make more offspring that can survive to procreative age), the YEEs are finally accepting the term, only to say that it is an act of divine punishment for the sins of mankind. Thus, branding God as an evil, cruel olaf who gave those defensive/offensive features to plants, animals, and people and then turns around and takes great delight in dishing out merciless, severe, punishments on all those whom God frames for something He himself did to set everyone up for the fall.

Predation is not an act of divine punishment. If God wanted all animal life to be peaceful plant-eaters, then what’s the point of giving them all the traits of a carnivore? If all these natural occurrences such as disease, predation, extinction, severe storms, and earthquakes are evil, then so is God who is cruel and wasteful to make a young earth to have everything that will set all inhabitants up for the fall.

All animals are morally innocent. They can’t think, reason, be sensible, and have a moral code like we do. Animals survive by instinct that tells them how to survive and how to get food, whether from plants or from other animals. If predation is evil, then so is God. If predation is an evil act, then how do creationists explain the verses in the Bible that condones predation and give references to God instigating it? How do they explain biblical passages that feature David praising God for providing prey for lions? If predation is evil, so is the Bible. But since predation is enforced, even condone in the Bible, there’s nothing evil about lion, bears, eagles, sharks, T.rexes, Velociraptor and all other predators hunting, killing, and eating meat from an animal they caught and killed. Especially since God gave them those features like sharp teeth and claws and a stomach for red food to help them kill and eat their prey so they can stabilized the population of plant eaters, prevent diseases and overgrazing so that plants will have a chance to thrive, and help maintain a very healthy ecosystem for all plants and animals to live in.

Next, Ham and Looy explains to Asma on how creationists and evolutionists look at the same thing but interpret it differently,

“The big issue in the museum that we deal with,” Ham said, “is helping people to see the difference between using the scientific method in the present – what’s called operational science – and one’s origin beliefs.” Looy added: “An evolutionist looks at a dinosaur bone and says it must be 65 million years old. We look at the same bone and say that the creature was probably covered by a global flood about 4,400 years ago. Same evidence, same bone, just a different interpretation.”

One doesn’t need to go visit the crackhouse to know the real difference between “using the scientific method in the present – what’s called operational science – and one’s origin beliefs.” The origin’s beliefs is all about denial and ignorance, the other, the present scientific method is all about valid evidence coming from all sorts of areas whether it came from fossil sites, laboratories, archaeological sites, or even in the comforts of our own home. No evolutionist says the bone must be 65 million years old without finding out for certain if it is that age by using proper dating methods to help him in dating the bone.

YEEs like Ham insist that all fossils must be dated to the early Bronze Age which is about 27th century BC, which is about 4,400 years ago (about 4,500 years ago in most versions of their claims). This is the time they claimed the great worldwide Flood must have occurred. If so, then how do they explain the authentic historical records dated to about 4,400 years ago, which tells nothing about the alleged event, nor contain any references to it?

About 4,400 years ago is during the age of The fifth dynasty of The Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, about the time between the reign of Pharoah Niuserre and the reign of Pharoah Menkauhor Kiau. However, in many other versions of their idiot literature, Ham and others claim that the Flood took place about 4,500 years ago. That’s at the time of The Fourth dynasty, during the reign of Shepseskaf, the last member of the fourth dynasty. It was also at the time the Egyptians were busying themselves building pyramids for their beloved rulers. So why is there no evidence of the Flood occurring at the time the Egyptian workers engaging in building the first wonder of the world? If young earth is true and there was a global flood, the Egyptians, especially the pyramid workers, would have been forced to dropped anything and flee for their lives in an attempt to escape the impending wall of water coming their way. But nothing like that has never came.

If young earth is true, then the pyramids would have been entirely weathered away and destroyed by the violent, churning waters of the Flood. The fossils would also have been destroyed, too if the young earth is true and there was a global flood covering the entire world. But what we see in the historical and fossil record is not at all the case. Remember, floods don’t bury. They simply wash away. The Bible says that God was only going to cover the world with water, not mud, not ash, not meteors, and definitely not lava. So everything about what happened 4,400 years ago according to the creationists is entirely pretend.

Then Asma gave out the history of museums and how they became what they are today. But you can bet that this place Ham has built will not be called a museum. For it contains nothing more than man-made animatronic humans, modern animals, Hollywood caricatures of dinosaurs and pterosaurs built to never look right anatomical-wise. All built and put on displays to give children nightmares and brainwash them into believing their fairy tale with the help of a former Walt Disney theme park designer who quit his job so he can help Ham build is imaginary empire and falsely call it a museum.

The rest of the article deals with how will Ham’s crackhouse sadly indoctrinate and proselytize hapless people and unsuspecting children into even believing in the false notion of evolution and long ages being responsible for leading people into committing all sorts of atrocities by taking them through the “[sic] Culture in Crisis” exhibit, where visitors would look through the windows and see things that will still being going on and on even if all people accept Ham’s views and ban evolution and the so-called “long ages philosophy.” The “[sic] millions of years” wrecking ball destroying a church won’t make any difference since a “thousands of years” wrecking ball will destroy a church the exact same way.

Christian boys will still be looking at porn and get high even if old earth and evolution are not being taught anymore for reasons not having to do with evolution and “millions of years .” Christian girls will still cry over abortions being forced upon by her Christian parents who are forcing her to do this against her will figuring she’s too young for her to have kids of her own after she experimented with sex on her boyfriend just after they saw sex scenes on TV or in the movies that carried themes that has nothing to do with evolution and “millions of years”. People will still commit acts of crimes and atrocities whether openly or behind close doors. Couples (especially Christian couples) will still be arguing even if evolution and “long ages” is banned. Especially when it comes to issues involving abuse, adultery, unfaithfulness, financial problems that could most likely plague the crackhouse in the near future, selfishness, unfaithfulness to their spouse, and being engrossed in watching Girls Gone Wild, and other adult rated shows and sports games on TV, instead of science shows which involves a monkey, a chimpanzee, or any other primate.

All these Crisis found in today’s culture is exactly same crisis that have plagued society long before anyone ever knew who Darwin was and what the theory of evolution is all about. Ham’s philosophy for a utopian society will not solve all the world’s problems. It will only create more and more problems and we will still find ourselves in the mist of it all even if everyone accepts Ham’s views and rejects evolution and “long ages” altogether. Especially when it’s all done in the name of either The Lord, Allah, Odin, or some other deity.