Creationist Crank On Animal Diet

Anyone who loves dinosaurs knows that most dinosaurs ate plants while others ate meat and the rest ate both. Creationists, on the other hand, insists that at the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, all animals and man, including dinosaurs, ate only plants and fruits just as told in Genesis 1:29-30 since there was no death and bloodshed occurring at that time according to the creationists (see this article for what I mean). Creationists deliberately mistook Genesis 1:29-30 as a commandment from God, who years later, lifted the so-called “commandment” just after Noah left the ark in Genesis 9:3 where God gave man permission to eat meat along with plants. Quite possibly this is where creationists got the concept of Genesis 1:30 being a commandment from God from other than their heads.

Ironically, while they say that there was no death and bloodshed before the Fall of Man, they went and turned around and say that all dinosaurs and all other animals ate plants while they are actually killing them, cells and all and shedding sap, which is the plant’s own blood along the way.

Plants are living things. They have cells, blood (aka sap), genders, and rely on animals and each other in order to survive. However, creationists stupidly asserts that plants are not alive because plants do not have a spirit (or breath, depending on the translation) (nephesh in Hebrew). Animals don’t have spirits either. That’s what most Christians believe. Only humans have spirits, a special gift God gave him after He created him from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7 KJV). This kind of concept is nothing more than a compromise between Christian Beliefs with Pagan beliefs that involve animals having spirits, such as in Native American Mythology for example.

As mentioned before, Plants are living things. They are alive. They eat. They breathe through stomata (tiny holes underneath the leaves) absorbing carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. They grow, they have genders, they reproduce, and they do die. Creationists make it as if plants are either edible candy or plastic when they say that plants don’t die or they are not alive (See Creationist Crank on Plants for more on this). Plus when they said that plants do not die, they deliberately ignore verses in the Bible that tells of human deaths in comparison with plants deaths. Thus, concept of plants not dying is just as a lie as the concepts of thousands of years and dinosaurs living with man being taught by creationists who, with willful ignorance, distort and profane even the Holy Bible itself for personal gain.

Another thing worth noting is that they also claim that even insects and other micro-organisms don’t have nephesh in them either. (see these footnotes found in 2 of Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International idiot articles on ants and piranhas for reference.) Does this mean that it’s ok for animals to eat insects too along with plants? (Look closely and you’ll find in Genesis 1:29-30 God does not bar any animal from eating meat.) Animals that do eat plants often unwittingly eat insects (including larvae, especially caterpillars) sometimes while they eat plants. Thus, providing the animals protein to add to their diet.

Just like Plants, insects and micro-organisms do die. They have blood, they have genders, they eat, breathe, grow, reproduce, and just like plants, they do die! YECs make it as if insects and micro-organism are like candy or rubber plastic toys that move on their own. Isn’t it hilarious?! They claim that no one died before the fall and yet turned around and say that there was death before the fall when they mentioned insects and plants dying in the Garden when people and animals step on them or eat them while they are eating plants and fruit! A self contradictory concept! Next thing you know they will be talking about fish not having nephesh in them along with reptiles because unlike mammals, these animals don’t show feeling and emotions at all!

Creationists are misusing and misrepresenting the term nephesh or nepheshim (plural) while choosing never to know that the word nephesh is used to primarily describe the human race. All throughout the Bible, that Hebrew word is used only to describe the human race. Only in Genesis, however, does nephesh is used to describe breathing creatures such as whales, dogs, monkeys, elephants, and humans.

When YECs make such as statement like that, one question has got to be asked, “What about those animals with sharp teeth and claws? If God wanted animals like lions and tigers to eat plants, then why did He gave them sharp teeth and claws of a carnivore?”

This is one of the questions YECs cannot honestly answer, not to mention can not explain. So to try to answer this, they promote another questionable argument for the diet-lie, which is the notion that just because an animal has sharp teeth doesn’t mean it eats meat— exactly no different than saying just because an animal has blunt teeth, doesn’t mean it eats plants (i.e. rodents, deer, hippos, humans, and certain prehistoric shellfish eaters like Placodus). YECs tries to make their case in point by referring to pandas, camels, spider monkeys, kinkajous, bats, palm nut vultures, piranhas, and gorillas. Their parade of animal dietary falsehood, however, don’t meet up with scrutiny because these animals have in most cases a set of teeth that fits a diet of an omnivore (eating both plants and meat); sharp teeth in the front and blunt teeth in the back. Plus, the reason these animals have sharp teeth like that is to help intimidate, scare, or fight off their enemies.

Herbivores that eat only plants have chewing molars to help them chew food on all sides of the teeth. The supposed sharp teeth of both omnivores and herbivores are found to be smooth, thin, shallow-rooted and blunt, unlike teeth of lions, tigers, jaguars, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, which has teeth that are thick, sharp, rigged, deep-rooted, and long lasting; all the better to strip, bite, and tear raw meat from their prey. The molars the big cats have is known as carnassials. These are a special type of chewing teeth that help animals to get a good grip on the meat, tear it from the bones and chew it. The meat from the prey is raw and difficult to tear so these animals need such teeth not to mention a strong muscular neck to support their jaws and help pull meat from the bones, strong legs for running after prey, eyes that see forward, ears for hearing their prey underground, claws to serve as meat hooks, and huge sense of smell.

Now, how would YECs honestly deal with Bible verse that shows David praising God for providing meat to lions who rely on Him for provision of meat, not to mention the verses that shows God inviting birds and wild animals to feast on his fallen enemies after He destroys them in battle (Jeremiah 15:3, Revalation 19:17-18)? Another question YECs cannot answer in an honest way. They would either ignore or pretend they’re not there or dismissed them as just a weak provision, which will bring blasphemy to God since this implies God to be a weakling when he makes such wimpy provisions for His carnivorous creations if that’s such the case.

In order for an animal to eat plants, the animal must have biting teeth for pulling plants, chewing molars, huge guts with special bacteria and complex digestive system for fermentation and digestion since plants are extremely difficult to digest due to cellulose fibers found inside the plants (By the way, despite YECs assertion about no decay occurring before the Fall, digestion food is a form of decay. If there was no decay before the fall, bellyaches will abound. In other words, the stomach would have been another worthless wasteful creative feature of God’s, if there ever was no decay happening before the Fall.), cheeks for storing plants, and eyes that see sideways to help the animal look out for danger. Some animals have no teeth so they resort to swallowing stones or grit to digest their plant food.

Predators do have a purpose in God’s creation and they do have what it takes be full fledged meat eaters. God did create some animals to be predators to benefit the world. For instance predators give plants a chance to grow and flourish by preventing plant-eaters from overpopulating the world, over-grazing, and over-browsing the land and help clean up the world by consuming carcasses of animals bones and all so that they don’t litter the ground and spread disease and foul order around. NO way is it sin for an animal like a lion and a shark to be a predator.

If it is a sin, then what good is it? If some animals can’t eat meat, even though they’ve been given the tools and the traits to be a meat-eater, then what good is it? If God really did wanted all of the animals to eat plants as “commanded” in Genesis 1:29-30 (actually He told Adam that he has provided man and animals with fruits and plants to eat. This is not a commandment at all.) and fruit like the fruit bat and the gorilla in the first place, then why did He wasted his creative hands, resources, and features on giving some animals all the tools and traits needed to become a predator? Isn’t it cruel and mean to have a god who waste his creative hands and resources on making animals to have strong, rigid, homodontically sharp teeth, sharp curve claws, and strong legs for running and skinny simplistic digestive system for digesting only meat yet He demands them to eat only plants?

If God does not want any death to occur, then why did he gave them the ability to eat, which is a form of killing, death, and decay? If God created them to be immortal, then what’s the sense of putting the Tree of life, with fruit that will make a person live forever by eating it, in the Garden of Eden if Adam, Eve, plants, and the animals were meant to be immortal in the first place?

Plants have tough cellulose fibers and would cause these animals like tigers to get very sick and suffer indigestion from consuming only plants and fruit.

Bears are omnivores, just like humans, and have a digestive system that functions the same way ours does. From this page, we learn that the so-called sharp teeth of a camel are really thin, smooth and blunt. Fruit bats do have smooth, round at the point, blunt teeth; not the really sharp pointed teeth like lions have. Look closely at an Antillean fruit bat skull illustration here and you’ll see what I mean. Although pandas eat plants (they dine strictly on bamboo), they will occasionally eat meat. On rare occasions, pandas would prey on small animals, fish, deer, takin, and bugs. Its canine teeth is kind of round at the point and blunt as seen here while its molars on the sides of its jaws are broad and flatten. This is what the creationists ignore. The fact that bears, bats, and gorillas all have special chewing molars on all the sides of the jaws that help the animals chew their fruits and plants before swallowing them for plants are very hard to digest as I mentioned before. Also the mammalian sharp teeth, called canines, are in many cases used for defensive weapons against enemies as well as for intimidating rivals while defending territories and females. There is a website that tells all about the different kinds of mammalian teeth and how they are used. Here’s a link to a website that’s part of the Animal Diversity Web which is part of the University of Michigan Zoology website that tells about mammalian teeth.

There are other ways of telling which animal eats either plants or meat other than looking at their teeth. Plant-eaters have a complex digestive system to help digest plants while meat-eaters have a simpler digestive system for digesting meat. Omnivores like bears have a digestive system that’s capable of digesting both plant and meat matter just like ours does.

If God wanted all animals to eat plants, He would have provided all animals including lions, T.rexs, sharks, and crocodiles with such herbivorous only traits, but he didn’t. It is no good for God to command these animals to eat plants, yet gave these animals the features of a carnivore. It seems to me, Creationists wants us to worship a wasteful god who wastes his creation away, features and all, and set these sharp-toothed animals all up for the fall if YECs say that God gave these animals these traits for them to use in the post-fall world after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and brought on the Fall of Man. Or be hypocrites when they say that evolution never occurred turned around, and teach poke’mon-style evolution by saying that sharp teeth in some animals developed immediately after the fall. Provision is not the same as commandment. The verse does not bar any animal from eating meat. Therefore, the concept of sharp tooth meat eating animals being forced to eat plants according to the distortion of Genesis 1:30 is entirely worthless!