A rant actually. Once in a big while some sympathetic creationist, especially to Ken Ham, would email me telling me I shouldn’t write this and that, I shouldn’t compare Ken Ham with Adolf Hitler, I need to pray to God to ask Him to find the right, respective words to put down, sorry I can’t buy into your views, your angry writings have turned me off, make fraudulent accusations, play god and make hellfire condemnations, and other facsimiles. Well guess what? I’ve got news for them— Who are you to play God and condemn me for telling the truth about dinosaurs based on the very physical evidence you choose to ignore!? No one’s going to tell me what I can or cannot write, what I should and should not compare who with who, and I don’t need to pray to ask God how to write to the point of bowing to your stupid sympathies! If you don’t like what I wrote in my essays, too bad. What I wrote is the truth, my true feelings toward those who advocate such falsehoods, the truth about how creationism and its advocates blatantly deal with dinosaurs dishonestly out of ignorance of the physical evidence clearly pointing to the contrary, and how its advocates take liberties with the Bible by shoehorning what they imagined up from their heads into the very book they claim to uphold “from the very first verse,” forcefully and wrongfully impose all the lies they made up from their heads and shoehorned into the Bible upon others against their will! No one’s going to make me change all that!

This site is not made to attack God’s Word, but to attack the very falsehood that gives God’s Word a bad name, which is young earth creationism, the most vile form of creationism the world has ever known. It is entirely of the Devil, the very same thing creationists regard evolution as without giving themselves a single thought about what evolution really is based on physical evidence. The only reason why they oppose evolution is because it claims that man descended from monkeys or any other kind of animal which goes against the biblical notion that man was created in God’s image and is the crowning glory of God’s Creation. So when Charles Darwin published his Origins of Species book in 1859, Christian Fundamentalists wasted no time protesting against Darwin’s writings all the way down to the point of making up lies about Darwin and misquoting what he wrote in his book. They’re still going at it today, making up lies about Darwin, bad-mouthing and misquoting him, ignoring and distorting the evidence, seeking evidence for their idiocy in science fiction, mythology and folklore, taking creative liberties with the Biblical stories of the Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel, blaming Darwin for all of the world’s atrocities, and striving to impose all their idiocy in public classrooms.

This site is made to raise awareness of how creationists deal with dinosaurs stupidly and dishonestly. What I write is pure therapy done to release all the stress, resentment, and anger that I have bottled up inside me for many years ever since the summer of 1992 when I was accuse of rejecting the so-called truth found within the pages of 3 certain pseudo books on dinosaurs some church friend let my little brother borrow to let me look at after he told them that I love dinosaurs and I enjoy looking at books about them. This site is there simply because there’s no other site out there that greatly deals with how creationists are using dinosaurs in a outright dishonest way, thus it was all up to me to do all the critiques and refutations of the creationist dinosaur claims, or else how can anyone know what creationists are really showing when they see an image of what creationists falsely claim to be an accurate depiction of a dinosaur by an ancient race of people while it’s really in fact something else that got distorted by the creationists themselves to make it deceptively look as if it is a dinosaur while it’s not?

That is why Stupid Dinosaur Lies is here. To raise awareness of how creationists deal with dinosaurs stupidly and to let everyone know the truth behind all creationist dinosaur claims. To those of you who really love to visit and benefit from this site, thank you so much for visiting and please tell others about my site so they can go visit and enjoy the site themselves, ok?