Ken Ham and “Dinosaurmania”

Answers in Genesis’ own Ken Ham long ago post his idiocy on Institution of Creation “Research” for the 1993 issue of Back To Genesis entitled Dinosaurmania Strikes Again. It begins with a short story about what happened after he preached stupidly about dinosaurs at an Australian Church. He was taking the church pastor’s family home from church when one of the pastor’s children blared out, “Hey Dad, how come you told us dinosaurs didn’t even exist?” Apparently, the pastor is in denial of the existence of dinosaurs when the article was written and he’s probably still is today. Thus, begins the article of extreme idiocy, blatant stupid lies, and empty emotional hype that goes along with Ham’s dinosaur size propaganda.

An empty emotional hype is just what the next paragraph contains,

“Children are being bombarded with information on dinosaurs through the newspaper, schools, and television. Probably because off the “monster” appeal and the supposed “mystery” surrounding these creatures, children love to hear about dinosaurs. Sadly, most of the information they get equates dinosaurs with evolution’: and millions of years.”

Feigning sadness about equating dinosaurs with evolution and the concept of millions of years does not make the scientific physical evidence and facts supporting evolution and “Millions of years” go away. Ham would like to have even children ignore the evidence intentionally and deliberately. With choice words, Ham feigns sad emotions to make the readers wrongfully think that everything children are being bombarded with concerning dinosaurs evolution and “millions of years” is wrong while the opposite is true.

Next, Ham tells about what happened during school assemblies where Back to Genesis seminars were being held at.

“At the school assemblies associated with the “Back to Genesis” seminars, I have asked the thousands of K-6 student’s questions such as: “Who has heard that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago?” “Who has heard that dinosaurs evolved?” All the hands go up in response to these questions. However, when I ask such questions as: “Did dinosaurs go on the Ark?” “Did dinosaurs live beside people?” not too many answer in the affirmative. Most of these children come from Christian homes.”

Creationism is neither a Christian doctrine nor a Christian worldview. It’s only propaganda. It’s all senseless propaganda used to poison even the minds of children with stupid lies, deception, hatred, fear, misinformation, falsehood, and most of all ignorance. That is what these poor children in Christian schools are being indoctrinated into.

“It is obvious that evolutionists have thoroughly indoctrinated even Christian family lives with false ideas about dinosaurs, the one we live in now, or that they never existed.”

Note the hypocrisy here. Note how Ham is making it as if it is all evolutionists’ fault for having “..thoroughly indoctrinated even Christian family lives with false ideas about dinosaurs, the one we live in now, or that they never existed.” while being in denial of the fact that he’s doing exactly the very same thing himself.

“The following quote from a recent book entitled A New Look at the Dinosaurs (Alan Charig, p. 24) sums up why many Christians are afraid to discuss dinosaurs.”

Creationists like Ham are all guilty of quote mining, even the books from the Bible, to further their senseless propaganda. Ham is lying when he states that many Christians are afraid to discuss dinosaurs while the reality is quite the opposite. Note how Ham is not bothering to show the quote in the article. Instead, he avoids it and states,

“The contents of this chapter must seem to be the very opposite to what is written in the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis.”

He gives the lowdown on what the first verses of Genesis 1 says and claims,

“Most people, however, no longer believe that the Biblical story of the Creation is literally true. They look upon it as a parable—an allegory (like many of the stories told by Jesus in the New Testament); in other words, it is a fictional story, which serves to illustrate a moral teaching. Many leaders of the church now accept that the earth and the living things upon it are constantly changing; indeed, some of them have been pioneers of research into evolutionary history. They say that there is no real conflict between science and religion.”

Rightfully so! However, Ham fails to notice that there are countless hordes of Christians who do accept the literal meaning of the Genesis account while at the same time reject young earth creationism because of all the lies, slander, hate and fear mongering, fabrications, falsehoods, flaws, and contradictions it has. He doesn’t even bother to mentioned that there were those who are powerful church leaders who questioned the authenticity of the Genesis account and tells their congregation to never, ever associate with those who use the Bible literally to promote false doctrines and false opinions in the name of God (i.e. St. Augustine).

But as for Ham,

“I believe dinosaurs are used more than any other topic by evolutionists to brainwash our children into accepting evolutionary ideas and rejecting the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.”

And yet he turns around and does the very same thing! Look at how he’s filling his crackhouse with dinosaurs from top to bottom. Look at how he’s using dinosaurs more than anything else to brainwash children into accepting his idiotic beliefs about a young earth. Look how’s he being a blatant hypocrite for making statements like that.

He starts promoting his dungy media and then quote mine a few articles from Tampa, Florida’s newspaper The Tampa Tribune dated to April 17th and 26th (Note the failure of mentioning the year of the issue which I think it was 1993, the year Jurassic Park, a movie based on one of Michael Crichton’s best selling novels, became a huge Box Office smash hit which the quotes Ham mines from the articles is implying.) that tells about how dinomania will rock the land with movies like Jurassic Park, Carnosaur, and T. Rex to name a few. He gives no reference to where we can find where all those quotes are coming from. Instead, he once again displays hypocrisy and says,

“Certainly the topic of dinosaurs is used by evolutionists to convince people the Bible cannot be taken seriously.”

The same way Ham is using to convince people that the Bible cannot be taken seriously as well.

He mentions about movies not being the only ones that are bringing “dino mania” back, but TV and exhibits shown zoos, museums, and other public places that draws millions of people to everyday is doing the same thing as well. One must wonder how could he either forgot or purposely don’t know the fact that “dino mania” has always been highly popular even before the year 1993?

So Ham decides to take advantage of this and stupidly declares,

“What an opportune time to use the [sic] wealth of materials now available to teach children the (in capitol letters) truth about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs did (in capitol letters) not live millions of years ago; they (in capitol letters) did live beside people; they (in capitol letters) did go on Noah’s Ark; they (in capitol letters) are mentioned in the Bible; they (in capitol letters) did live after the Flood (Job 40:15-24). There is (in capitol letters) much evidence that they have lived up until quite recently. God (in capitol letters) created all animal types. Dinosaurs did (in capitol letters) not evolve, and there is really (in capitol letters) no mystery about what happened to them.”

Writing words in large capitol letters does not make the such statements true. Everything he teaches is down-right false, outrageously stupid, and idiotically silly. Everything Ham teaches is entirely made up, including the notions of dinosaurs living alongside people, going on the ark, are mentioned in the Bible (Other than birds), etc. Taught to indoctrinate and brainwash children and entirely imaginary, made up out of complete ignorance of the total lack of dinosaur and human remains beside each other in both the fossil and historical records.

Other than mentioning that Ham has quote mined Alan Charig’s book to further his falsehood about dinosaurs dying out in the Flood except for those who escaped in the ark, only to leave the ark after the Flood and die off afterwords, I don’t need to go through anymore of the article’s details because it’s nothing more than useless propaganda and demagogic rants. What Ham is doing here is begging the reader for money so he can use it to encourage especially fathers to spread his stupid lies sugar-coated as Biblical Truth throughout the world.