The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 7

Alan Feduccia

Paleontologist Alan Feduccia objects to the notion of birds being descendants of dinosaurs and continues to stick with the orthodox view of birds being descendants of a certain common ancestral reptile even in the face of growing evidence of birds being direct descendants of maniraptorian dinosaurs like Velociraptor. Leave it to the creationists like Ham to take advantage of Feduccia’s denial and misrepresent him and his writings by misquoting him and use everything they muster like argument-from-authority and Red Herrings to promote a unmerited case against the fact that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, Thankfully these paleontologists are all among a very small minority, but creationists are making them as if they are of the leading authority, while if fact they’re not.

Appeal To Authority

From page 75 through page 77, Ham attempts to refute the notion of birds being dinosaurs by making appeals to authority and outdated claims, such as for example Ham claiming that it was John Ostrom (1928-2005), who begin to popularized the idea of dinosaurs evolving into birds. False. Actually, it was really Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s “bulldog,” who has brought on the idea of birds being dinosaurs first. It was rejected for decades until the 1960’s when Ostrom brought up the idea of birds being dinosaurs while he was studying fossil remains of Deinonychus, an early Cretaceous dromaeosaurid that was first discovered in 1964 and found features on him that bears a striking resemblance to modern birds including a Saurischian hip that looks more Ornithschian than Saurischian. Note Ham’s misquoting Feduccia by taking this quote out of context from an issue of Audubon Magazine,

“It’s just a fantasy of theirs, They just want to see living dinosaurs that now they think they can study them vicariously at the backyard bird feeder.”

Here’s what Feduccia says in full context with the correct words in bold,

“It’s just a fantasy of theirs,” says Alan Feduccia, an ornithologist from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a leading critic of the paleontologists. “They so much want to see living dinosaurs that now they think they can them vicariously at the backyard bird feeder.”

When the quote is put in full complete context, we find that Feduccia is actually scoffing openly at those who, through the discovery of Sinosauropteryx, is highly convinced that birds are indeed living dinosaurs. Feduccia is mistaken, though.

And yet, Ham took advantage of this and rip the quote out of context from page 38 of an outdated Audubon Magazine entitled The Origins of Birds: The Dinosaur Debate and used it to throw people off of the real truth behind the quote which is part of a debate between evolutionists over how the evolution of birds is processed. Ham feebly uses all sorts of distortions, misrepresentations and empty arguments against the feathered dinosaur fact, while showing disregard for the other side who favors the dinosaur-bird concept to be factual due to strong evidence pointing to it. While doing this, Ham deceives the reader into thinking that the feathered dinosaurs mentioned in this chapter are all fakes while in fact they are all real and valid.

First off Ham fabricates the discovery of Mononykus, the so-called “birdosaur” in 1993 that is really an Alverezsaurid, dinosaurs with 2 small stumpy arms with a small claw on each of them, claiming that scientists have reached the conclusion saying the dinosaur is really nothing more than a mole. Moles don’t have such puny arms and very long legs like Mononykus has. The claim, also being made in an issue of Creation Ex nihilio magazine, is nothing more than a direct fabrication of this article.


Secondly, Ham tries to discredit the notion of Sinosauropteryx having hair-like feathers on its back by fabricating a story about how 4 scientists (”the dream team.”) traveled to China to see the actual fossils of Sinosauropteryx. Despite what Ham claimed out of context, scientists have found that the feathers of the dinosaur were not feathers of modern types. Rather, they are actually prototype that looked very hair-like that are similar to that of the kiwi, a small flightless bird with hair like feathers covering all over its body. Although not part of the group, Alan Feduccia wrongfully concludes the hair like feathers on the dinosaur to be skin fibers a lot like the frill of an iguana. Thankfully, those who study the fossil never bought into the iguana skin claim because they found that the hair like feathers of the dinosaur covered all over its entire body, not just its back, and now it is known to have melanosomes (features found inside bird feathers containing pigments that provide birds and feathered dinosaurs, too with various types of color) within its feathers that gives this special dinosaur brilliant display of colors. The newspaper, where Ham got the distorted claim shown on page 76 from, came from a very brief rash article found in the 1997 issue of The New Scientist. He jumped to conclusions about what the scientists have found when they observed the fossils of Sinosauropteryx for the first time. Jeff Poling, webmaster of the website wrote an article that clarifies what the article really said about the fossils and the conclusions made by the scientists who observed the fossils and found hair-like protofeathers on them.


Thirdly, Ham then claims there was a report made of a discovery in South America of a dinosaur that’s more bird-like than any other dinosaur, which of course is Unenlagia, a dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period 90 million years ago in what is now South America. This claim about the dinosaur is true. It is much more bird-like than before and has the capabilities to flap his arms the same way a bird, like an ostrich flaps its wings. However, Ham here is trying to discredit the findings by falsely branding the dinosaur as just “a reptile” that’s known from “20 bone fragments” which is all an absolute lie.

Red Herring

Now, he gives out a Red Herring argument (an argument that attempt to throw people off the real factual trail), claiming that since birds are warm blooded, evolutionists would like to see dinosaurs as warm-blooded to support their theory. They’ve already seen it, Ham! For instance, when they observed dinosaur bones through a microscope, they found that dinosaurs have scores of hollow canals inside of them called haversian, which are similar to birds and mammals. This indicates that the dinosaurs must have been much more energetic and grew much more faster than previously thought. However, Ham, in his absolute denial, quote mines an article made up by Bill Stieg, who wrote a March, 1997 article from The Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Did Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs?” (The article is actually entitled “Bones of Contention”). In it, Larry Martin, another critic of the birds as dinosaurs idea, is claimed to have said,

“Recent studies of the bones structure, when viewed under a microscope, of the dinosaurs showing they were the characteristics of cold-blooded animals. So were back to cold-blooded dinosaurs.”

This quote when put into full text actually reads,

“Martin didn’t see anything to change his opinion that this was no warm-blooded bird relative [Sinosauropteryx]. ‘Recent research has shown the microscopic structure of dinosaur bones was “characteristic of cold-blooded animals,” Martin said. “So we’re back to cold-blooded dinosaurs.’”

In full context, he was expressing his disbelief that these hair like structures were actually bird feathers in contrast to others who greatly favored the fossil to have imprints of hair like feathers growing on its body. Instead, Martin thought that the structures on the back of Sinosauropteryx were that of skin fibers resembling the skin fibers of an iguana. (Just as mentioned above.) This article is written when the discovery of the fossil is all brand new just before the notice of the so-called ’skin fibers’ that are actually hair-like feathers dotting all over the body of the fossil thus refuting the claims made up by Martin that the hair like fossil are just skin fibers.

To read the full article in full context click here.

To this out of context quote, Ham whines,

“Sadly, the secular media have become so blatant in their anti-Christian stand and pro-evolutionary propaganda that they are bold enough to make such [sic] ridiculous statements as, “Parrots and hummingbirds are also dinosaurs.”

No more ridiculous than such funny ha-ha statements as “Maybe one of the reasons dinosaurs are extinct is that we did not start our endangered species programs early enough” crap. In Ham’s delusional eyes, the supposed secular media’s “anti-Christian stand and pro-evolutionary propaganda” is anything that rejects Ham’s stupid lies regardless of Christian and/or secular background. To Ham, in a format no different than the Judizers of the days of the Apostle Paul, in order to become a true Christian, one must comply with Ham’s view Christianity and origins or else burn in Hell. Christianity does not work that way.

Young earth creationism is anti-Christian. They never really observed God’s Creation all the way down to the finest detail because of what God reveals through His creation greatly contradicts their dogma and says to them that they are totally wrong. They are afraid of the truth. They do not want to be told they’re wrong because of their selfish pride and arrogance, and yet turn around and boldly tell anyone who oppose their views that they’re wrong out of selfish pride. They just don’t want to have anything to do with everything that contradicts their self-centered dogma, even if God was there to show them all of the valid evidence for evolution, old earth, and against their views and prove to them that Darwin was right all along, front and center.

Finger origin

Next, Ham fabricates the claim about embryonic origins of the fingers of dinosaurs and birds where he claims that the fourth and fifth digits of the dinosaur embryo’s hand is lost while the first, second, and third digit fingers remain while the first and fifth digits of the bird embryo’s fingers gets lost leaving the second, third, and fourth fingers behind. This claim, he thinks, is showing that birds could not (in large capital letters) evolved from dinosaurs. It doesn’t.

Dinosaur Lung

Ham then fabricates the study of the lung areas of the feathered dinosaurs made by Feduccia and other like him, who asserts that the dinosaur must have been inhaling cold air and exhaling warm air with lungs that are very similar to a normal reptile’s heart. This is false. The result of an observation of a photograph taken of one of the fossil specimens and the fact that the fossils, especially the one shown in the photograph, were all crushed and badly damaged during fossilization to the point where it is difficult for scientists to interpret them correctly under the best circumstances just as explained here.

Here’s an article on PZ Myers’ Pharyngula blog that addresses about how dinosaur lungs and bird lungs are quite similar to each other.


Finally, there is a claim made about the protofeathers on the dinosaurs being assumed to be alleged fibered skin similar to a sea snake fin. This is made up by another dinobird-critic named John Ruben of the Oregon State University, who also made conclusions about the fossils based on the photographs along and tried to demonstrate the dino feathers = snake skin claim by dissecting a tail of a sea snake. Thankfully, a great majority of those, who are highly familiar with the feathered dinosaur fossils, is NOT buying into this far-fetched sea snake skin claim. There is a Google group that has a thread here that contains an article by Ralph W. Miller III about the time he went to see presentations of Ruben, who demonstrated the sea snake fallacy just by teasing the skin fibers a bit to make it look more hairy than scaly. Philip J. Currie was also there disproving the sea snake fallacy as well. When Ruben was dissecting the bodies of a sea snake and a monitor lizards, he teased the skin a bit to look more like the hair like feathers of the dinosaur than what it really is. Here is what he said about his visit.

“I attended presentations by Ruben et al. on the collagen fiber hypothesis for the structures associated in situ with the Sinosauropteryx prima specimens, as well as talks by Philip J. Currie which disproved the hypothesis at both the SVP meeting in Chicago, 1997, and the Scientific Symposium at Dinofest in Philadelphia in April of 1998. Ruben et al. dissected a sea snake and a monitor lizard, stripped the bulk of the rope-like collagen frill supports of the dissected bodies, and teased the few remaining strands up away from the spine. They did not demonstrate that this procedure compares to natural processes of bioactivity or erosion on the internal collagen fiber bundles of dead reptiles, nor did they show that any fossil animal which should have sported a fin-like frill for swimming ever has been shown to preserve features comparable to the Sinosauropteryx filaments. Furthermore, their assertion that Sinosauropteryx was adapted to a swimming lifestyle is not supported by the theropod’s body plan. Most animals can swim, but this animal was not modified to optimize swimming, and it would not have benefited from a dorsal fin extending from its brow to the tip of its tail anyway, as much of the body would float above the water, and the body lacks the capability to produce full body sinuous serpentine movement as snakes, crocodilians, and lizards do. Not only that, but Currie pointed out that the fibers are not restricted to the midline of the body, but are ubiquitous, with fibers evident on the arms, legs, ribs, and back. One specimen held the remains of a lizard within, and the other has a mammal jaw inside its gut. There is no evidence that these animals ate fish or other marine creatures. The Bavarian specimen of the closely related Compsognathus longipes, which is anatomically quite similar to Sinosauropteryx, was preserved in the sediments of a lagoon, but the lagoon was an anoxic death trap which would not support marine life. Compsognathus was found with a lizard in its gut, too, by the name of Bavarisaurus. There is no reason to believe that compsognathids had aquatic lifestyles. I urge the curious among you to view the photograph of the teased collagen fibers in the _Science_ article, “Plucking the Feathered Dinosaur,” by Ann Gibbons, from _Science_, Volume 278, Number 5341, 14 November 1997, pp. 1229-1230. Compare these fibers to the actual fossil filaments on _Sinosauropteryx_ in the July 1998 National Geographic, at the top of page 83. As Currie and his fellow paleontologists describe them, the preserved filaments appear to be hollow, relatively coarse, curving gently, piling up atop one another, and crisscrossing over each other. They may also have a branching aspect to them, something like the down feather of a bird, but this cannot be verified at this time. I do not believe that the two images compare….. Also, bear in mind that Currie studied three specimens in person in some detail, whereas Ruben et al. were working from photographs alone.”

Without doubt, the sea snake skin fallacy Ham and other YECs promotes is nothing more another form of senseless red herring they use to curtail their followers from reality concept of feathered dinosaurs. To know more about feathered dinosaurs especially Sinosauropteryx, simply click here.

Denial of Evidence

In the end Ham, in his absolute denial and ignorance, blatantly lies to the reader, concluding that there’s no evidence for dinosaurs evolving into birds. Dinosaurs have always been dinosaurs and birds have always been birds just as long as they’re all clones, carbon copies of one another instead of what the valid evidence is telling us all along about dinosaurs having always been birds in one form or another.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 6

Post-Flood Fate

Page 59 now asks, “Is there any evidence of dinosaurs living after the Flood?” This meaningless question is answered by Ham as “yes,” despite none being found in the sediment rock strata dated back to the time of the pyramid construction in Egypt. Otherwise we would be seeing Egyptian art featuring dinosaurs, other than birds, found on the walls of the pyramids and the tombs of ancient Egypt. But no such evidence has ever been found.

Ham claims the world was more of a dangerous place for the dinosaurs after the flood. How right he is, if the Flood was a worldwide event. Noah and his family may have to eat only meat just as God has told them to because they will have no choice. They’ll find all the soil washed away so they can’t plant their crops; They will witness many animals that are meat eaters killing off all of the plant eaters that are starving because all of the plants will all be killed off in the Flood and die of starvation themselves; Lobsters, whales, and all other saltwater sea creatures will all die out because they cannot survive in fresh water and vice versa; coral will be destroyed; Insects would die off; the water would all be salt, acidic like, and totally unfit for anyone to drink in; parasites and diseases will do all the remaining animals and people in; And the people will finally starve. That’s what will happen if there was a worldwide Flood event.

If there was a global Flood, those that did survive the Flood will not have a chance to survive in the alleged post-Flood world that will finish them all off one by one. Talk about having the full judgment of an angry, merciless God who overdid it and went way out of hand to punish earth to the point where He would not even spared Noah and his family of the Flood’s aftermath afterwards, the ones He supposedly rescued from the Flood! It is most likely that the actual Great Flood of Noah was no doubt highly catastrophic localized event that seems to Flood the entire world by ancient standards. Noah and his family, after they left the ark, will not go far to plant and raise crops for food, animals will have no trouble finding food to help sustain themselves, the coral will flourish, and all the fresh and salt water animals will live.

Behemoth Blunder

Then on page 59 through 66, Ham brings on the old fabled Behemoth-as-dinosaur fallacy and says that the account of Job 40:15-19 serves as evidence of people meeting up with dinosaurs while it doesn’t. An excellent example of how YECs misquote bible verses fit their narrow-minded beliefs, constantly and wrongfully insisting that verse 15 in the passage refers to the size of the monster’s tail while the verse in fact only refers to the tail’s (a word use as a euphemism for penis) movements. Ham then resorts to making pathetic “it’s so sad” remarks just like he always does when he does his idiot radio shorts by saying,

“Isn’t it sad that evolutionary education so dominant even the real (sic) thinking of Christians due to scientific evidence, that the translators would go against my way of reading Job 40 and put in the name of the animal contradicted by what I demand our description of behemoth to be whether they like it or not (My meaning of those words in bold.)?”

There is nothing really sad about it. Ham, stupid as his pathetic pity parties, thinks he has the right to dictate bible translators to make the bible mean exactly what he alone wants it to mean. Never mind the real translation and the supplemental passages found in other Jewish texts that shows to us in full frontal view that Behemoth is neither a hippo, an elephant, nor a dinosaur, but a supernatural monster resembling an bull ox. He even lies about evolution, claiming it to be nothing but a religious doctrine, a concept made up by creationists to counter the truthful claims about YECism being of religion. Evolution is religious doctrine per se’ Creationists teach evolution in a religious matter by making it occur in very fast moving way. They imagine this type of evolution to explain the huge mass diversities of extant and extinct animals and how did Adam name all the animals in one day, how did Noah’ put all of the animals into the ark at God’s command, and how did God created everything without overcrowding the world— pretend that God only made a few handful of animals and have it evolve into scores of varieties of species we see today. Now doesn’t that contradict the notion of life did not evolve but were created as constantly parroted by creationists and all of their advocates? It sure does.

Page 62 shows a outdated image of a Brachiosaurus standing right next to a elephant and a hippopotamus. No, this not a comparison of the dinosaur’s full size with the two modern animals, but a faulty example comparing the size of the Barchiosaurus tail (Dinosaurs Of Eden book does the same thing) with the size of the tail of the elephant and the hippo as a direct example of distorting a certain verse in the Behemoth passage to make it as if it refers to the size of the tail, not its movements. But no, Ham. Behemoth (or Behemot) is neither a dinosaur, a hippo, nor the elephant, but a supernatural monstrous bull ox of Jewish folklore. On the upper left hand corner, there is a outdated version of the classification of the dinosaur.


Pages 63-66 shows outdated descriptions of Brachiosaurus whose wrongfully branded as the biblical Behemoth found in the passage of Job 40 in the bible. It’s obvious the creationists along with Ham got the idea to make Behemoth into a dinosaur after seeing the 1959 B-movie Behemoth, the Sea monster (or The Giant Behemoth in the US). In my opinion, this science fiction film is exactly where they got the idea of falsely branding Behemoth as the sauropod dinosaur from. Never mind the tail passage’s actual references to the animal’s phallus located outside the mammalian monster’s body.

Brachiosaurus, a reptilian monster, with genitals inside its body, was a massive sauropod that lived during the Jurassic Period 150 million years ago in what is now North America. This giant measures about 80 feet long and stood about 40 feet high. What’s most intriguing about this reptilian giraffe is that unlike most sauropod dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus had a body resembling a giraffe with front legs longer than its hind legs. Brachiosaurus’ neck is held vertically up high to help it reach for high growing plants to eat and digest using stones to help grind its food due to lack of chewing teeth.

Extinction of The Dinosaurs

Ham’s comedy shines in the section that starts on page 67 and goes all the way through page 78 where he states in the beginning that after the Flood, God told Noah that all animals would fear him according to Genesis 9:17 (not all of them do, however) and then tells about how life would be hard for people and animals after the Flood. It would be if there was a global Flood where people and animals will be forced to compete for food and space only for the situations to escalate to venatio – style violence once more.

In some cases, this has lead many animals, including birds, into extinction due to the interferences of man (i.e. destruction of the environment, over hunting, over grazing, introduction of disease and predators, etc.). All because of man, who want to settle everywhere he wants to make a living and do farming and protect himself, his family, his animals, and his crops. Dinosaurs were not one of them. Otherwise we would have seen dinosaur fossils, other than birds, dating back to the time of the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the expeditions of Marco Polo, the Vikings, the Pirates, the sacking of Troy, Spartacus’ rebellion, Anthony and Cleopatra, etc. But none are found!

Ham then asks why are people so intrigued about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Answer: it is a very mysterious event that have baffled even scientists for a long, long time. For years and years, scientists have been searching for clues to help solve the mysterious disappearance of the dinosaurs and lately they have uncovered a while lot of evidence that tells us that a meteorite, 65 million years ago, slam itself in the earth in what is now the Gulf of Mexico creating a catastrophe that have wiped out about 60-70% of life on earth, including dinosaurs. And this is man’s almost science-fiction? What do you call all this in Ham’s book!? Exactly what Ham thinks of evolution is, of course. He is indeed advocating a complete science-fiction tale made up of lies told in God’s name about science, evolution, and the age of the earth. Evolution due to scientific evidence is certainly far from it.

Distortion of Evolution

Young earth extremism is without exception everything Ham in the next section accuses evolution and its supporters of, which includes the accusation of it being propaganda that permeates even Christians with its philosophy.

One Big Joke!

This next section shows just how pathetically, absent-mindful Ham is when it comes to explaining the extinction of dinosaurs. Ham thinks there is nothing mysterious about the dinosaur extinction, if we build our brainlessness (my translation of the quote) on the bible, Ham and other YECs strongly distorts from time to time while being blatantly stupid and ignorant of the bible having nothing to solve and explain the mysteries of the dinosaur extinction.

His idea of how the dinosaurs went into extinction is worth a billion laughs! Especially when it comes to the encouragement of going to a manager of some zoo and ask him questions about the endangered species programs, why do some animals become extinct, and why did the dinosaurs became extinct and get some far-fetched, idiotic answers like,

“We’ve lost lots of animals from this earth. Animals are becoming extinct all the time. Look at all the animals that are gone forever. We need to act to save the animals”;“It’s obvious! People killing them, lack of food, man destroying the environment, diseases, genetic problems, catastrophes like floods—there are lots of reasons.”; and “We don’t know! Scientists have suggested dozens of possible reasons, but it’s a mystery.”

Which leads up to,

“Maybe one of the reasons dinosaurs are extinct is that we did not start our endangered species programs early enough. The factors that cause extinction today, which came about because of man’s sin—the Curse, the aftermath of the Flood (a judgment), etc.—are the same factors that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.”

And he wonders why people laugh at him and mock his silly, stupid lies. The jokes’ on you, Ham! You’re only kidding yourself with such idiocy that it’s no wonder why everyone in their right mind rejects and laugh at his idiotic stupidity.


Pages 69 shows a Triceratops picture with an outdated classification of it underneath the picture.

Pages 70-73 shows an outdated description and false history of Triceratops, the largest of the horned dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous period 70-65 million years ago in what is now North America. In it, as before, Ham blames the fabled global Flood for the extinction of Triceratops while ignoring every evidence of the Triceratops being killed off by a meteor 65 million years ago.

Cryptozoology Ham’s Way

Pages 74-77 shows Ham trying to the answer to the question, “Are dinosaurs extinct?” while clinging to a false hope that perhaps someday soon, a live prehistoric monster such as the supposed elephants in Nepal, sauropods in Africa, the fabled Loch Ness Monster, and (I’m not making this up) a stupid fabled plant-eating T.rex! Here Ham claims,

“One cannot prove an organism is extinct without having knowledge of every part of the earth’s surface simultaneously.”

Pretty ironic, isn’t it? We have the knowledge to know that the passenger pigeon and the Tasmanian wolf died out and yet we have no proof whatsoever of the any existence of every cryptozoological creature known such as Big Foot for instance. But that doesn’t stop wishful thinkers like Ham from looking for these elusive animals.

“Experts have been embarrassed when, after having declared animals extinct, they were discovered alive and well.”

More like excited than embarrassed. The ones that should be embarrassed over all of this is the creationists themselves who tried to refute the extinction myth as told on pages 74-75 by fabricating them into one whole species, but they can’t.

“What experts really discovered are animals that are in fact living species much different than the extinct animals they are related to. For example, in the 1990s explorers found elephants in Nepal that have many features of mammoths.”

Try Stegodon, Ham! The stegodon is an extinct elephant, much different than mammoths, that is believed to be the ancestors of elephants and mammoths, but nowadays it is thought to have no modern descendants. What Ham claims here is a direct fabrication of modern sightings of utant versions of modern elephants that have interbred to look more like Stegodons than normal modern elephants. The next claim involves a sighting made in Australia of trees that are once thought to be extinct. What they really saw is Wollemia nobilis, the last, sole surviving member of the Wollemia Family with features much different than its extinct relatives.

Next, Ham parades the claim involving alleged dinosaur sightings in Africa.

“Explorers and natives in Africa have reported sighting dinosaur-like creatures, even in the twentieth century. These have usually been confined to out-of-the-way places such as lakes deep in the Congo jungles. Descriptions certainly fit those of dinosaurs.”

Except the fact that the monsters such as Mokele Mbembe are said to have a frill on the back of its head, a horn on its snout, and 3 toes on each foot, while Sauropods have in fact none of it, and Emela-ntouka is said to have no frill, one ivory horn, crocodile tail, smooth skin, and long, sharp teeth, while ceratopsians have in fact none of it; the horns are made of bone, they have bony frills and scales, a bony beak, and one type of ceratopsians have spiny bristles growing from their tails. It’s obvious Ham would rather ignore the fact that the sightings of these so-called dinosaur-like animals are in fact based on rhinoceros sightings. The natives living in the Congo region must have seen rhinos roaming in areas not normally seen in this part of Africa and invented stories based on those sightings to make the stories more entertaining and to keep rival tribes away from their territory.

Then, Ham mentions about a cave found where it is said to have alleged Native American carvings of dinosaurs together alongside mammoths.

“Cave paintings by native Americans seem to depict a dinosaur. Scientists accept the mammoth drawings in the cave, so why not the dinosaur drawings? Evolutionary indoctrination that man did not live at the same time as dinosaurs stops most scientists from even considering that the drawings are of dinosaurs.”

Wrong! The real reason why this “stops most scientists from even considering that the drawings are of dinosaurs” is that they’re either all modern drawings> created as a publicity stunt, including the so-called carving that’s really in fact a dinosaur puppet facing a trunkless mammoth stuff toy, or an ancient artist conception of a modern animal such as an eagle. “Evolutionary indoctrination” had nothing to do with it. Creationist hoaxes and indoctrination does. And these creationist hoaxes is what creationists like Ham use to prove their fallacy with the assumption that these things should not surprise and embarrass the creationists, but should embarrass the evolutionists instead. It won’t.

In reality these alleged sightings are not an embarrassment to the creationists. Rather it is a total disgrace. It is an absolute disgrace for any creationist to use alleged cryptic sightings, forgeries, ancient artist conceptions of modern animals claimed by creationists to be dinosaurs simply because of it being shaped like one (never mind the details which clearly says they’re not), fabricated legends, myths, fairy tales, and folklore, and hoaxes to prove a young earth, for all they do is render young earth creationism and its supporters into a major laughing stock of both the whole Christian church and the scientific community. Even if they are what creationists claimed they are, this still doesn’t explain why is there no traces of dinosaur remains alongside human remains in all forms of records from archaeological to the fossil record.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 5

Ham’s Lie about Dinosaur Diet

Page 47 asks, “What did dinosaurs eat, and how did they behave?” Answer: 1) Most dinosaurs were plant-eaters. Others ate meat. The rest ate both. 2.) It all depends on the fossil clues left behind by the dinosaurs based on their behavior.

This just comes to show just how creationists like Ham go all the way to make up one stupid lie after another when they present what they believe to be the exact diets the dinosaurs *two finger waving* must have had *two finger waving* before the Fall, let alone the Flood. In this claim, Ham made the plant kingdom suffer in his distortion of Genesis 1:30 to mean a commandment from God for all animals to eat only plants.

If we believe the Bible and the literal Genesis, we will find that God did not commanded the animals to eat plants, he only provided the animals plants for food. God did not exempt animals from eating meat. Especially outside the Garden of Eden where animals such as lions and wolves roam about in search of meat God provides for them to eat.

To defend his tripe, Ham uses animals that have sharp teeth yet ate fruits and plants such as the panda and the camel. But does he know that these animals have chewing and biting teeth as well as sharp teeth called canines? No, he don’t. He’d rather ignore all that and focus only on canine teeth that don’t work as well as T.rex’s one set of thick, conical teeth which it uses to crush through bone as well as skin and flesh unlike the weak, smooth, flat, blunt canines that can only be used to intimidate rivals, fight back when attacked, and to hold onto food.

Now he tells a fairy tale story where everything goes la-la-la without having to worry about things that go “bump,” “scrape,” and “smash” all over their bodies,

“Some argue that people or animals would have been hurt even in an ideal world. They contend that even before sin, Adam or an animal could have stood on small creatures or scratched himself on a branch. Now these sorts of situations are true of today’s fallen world—the present world is not perfect; it is suffering from the effects of the Curse (Romans 8:22). One cannot look at the Bible through the world’s eyes and insist that the world before sin was just like the world we see today.”

Oh yes they can. Think of life outside the Garden in comparison to life inside the Garden. Adam’s pad is quite small in comparison with the rest of the world. In Ham’s world, all of earth is one big fairy tale world where everything concerning thorns, leeches, and bacteria doesn’t exist (so Adam and the animals can’t digest food since bacteria is needed to digest plant matter and plants can’t get all the nutrients needed to live if decay doesn’t occur), where branches are just blunt projectiles, rocks are all like nerf balls and people and animals do ballet to keep themselves from stepping on the little critters like the ant and the beetle crawling about. This is the creationists’ own definition of a perfect world where no clothing (if any) will wear out, no one will get burned, and all animals are peaceful vegetarians.

This imaginary “perfect world,” creationists claimed to be real at one time before Adam sinned, is asserted to be fully restored when Jesus Christ comes back to Earth and fulfill the prophesy told by Isaiah where the wolf will lie with the lamb, the lion will eat straw like an ox, and the children will not be hurt when they play near a cobra nest.

This definition of a perfect world, however, is not really perfect at all. When Jesus Christ comes back to earth, what He’ll do to the earth will not be what creationists want to see come to fruition. God will not restore Eden, but instead render earth into something better than what creationists assume He’ll do. One has to wonder, how do they really know if that’s exactly what God will do when He comes back to earth or this is just another way to test God by saying He’ll do it and them turn around and really hope that He’ll do what they say while being ignorant of God having other plans for the future?

What creationists expect God to do and what God will really do is two different things. If there was no death before the Fall, then there’s no reason for God to put the Tree of Life in the garden and no reason for animals to have traits of a carnivore either. Even when the wolves do lie with lambs, and the lions eat straw, and the children play near a snake nest (a possible metaphor for the time to come when the people of Israel will find themselves living peacefully, eating, working, and playing with their once enemy neighbors) on God’s mountain, no animal will be exempt from eating meat. Especially when the meat comes from the triune beasts God plans to kill at the end of the world to offer His people a never ending supply of meat to eat and skin and bones for tents, clothing, and jewelry.

Creationists like Ham are notorious for shunning much of the Bible to focus only on the verses and passages that matters to them, such as Isaiah 11:6-9 for instance, while shunning other passages in the Bible that condone, even instigated carnivory. There are passages in the Bible where God sends out wild animals to kill and devour people who rebel against Him and a verse in the Bible where David praised God for providing meat for the lions to eat. How do creationists explain all that? Answer: They can’t and won’t. They’ll only shun them and regard the claws and fangs as something that in Henry Morris’ words, “..must await research.” In other words, throw them out so they won’t have to bother dealing with them.

Having God commanding all animals and humans to eat only plants until after the Flood and having carnivory and fangs be part of the sin-cursed world is just another example of creationists distorting the Bible to fit their beliefs. And that includes taking Bible verses out of context and distort their meanings to fit their beliefs and use it as a huge part of a ploy conspiracy to stir up the emotions of the people to the point where they will be easy to subject them to the dogmatic teachings of Ham who goes on about God giving man dominion over the animals on earth and then adds,

“Looking at today’s world, we are reminded of Hebrews 2:8: ‘For in that He put all in subjection under him, He left nothing that is not put under him. But now we do not yet see all things put under him.’ Man’s relationship with all things changed because of sin—they are not “under him” as they were originally.”

The Hebrews 2:8 verse is taken out of context. When put into full context we find that the verse only refers to Jesus Himself being made in the likeness of men for the purpose of fulfilling His role as Savior of all mankind. It has nothing to do with man’s dominion over the animal kingdom (Note: In the past, the verses 26 and 28 in Genesis 1, which says that God gave man dominion over the whole animal kingdom, have been used as an excuse to destroy forests, swamps, wetlands, and other natural made environments to make room for farming and over-hunt animals even to the point of extinction, which leave people to wonder why did the soil get washed away by the rains due to all the trees being chopped down and why are they overrun by certain animals like disease-infested rats due to the extermination of predators that consume them.)

Ham’s Bibliolatry

Ham then says that a true Christian worldview commences with in big capital letters again, “revelation,” not fallible human opinions, which is what creationism itself is entirely made up of— fallible human opinions cloaked as God’s Word. In this quote Ham tries to equate creationism with revelation just by encouraging the reader to put on “Bible Blinkers,”


not glasses and look at the world through Ham’s own eyes. It’s not about the bible. It’s about Ham himself. He’s guilty of distorting the Bible to make it agree with everything he claims about dinosaurs and the origins of life. If the reader does put on the bible blinkers, he won’t be curtailed to the fact that young earthism is nothing more than exactly what Ham falsely and hypocritically branded evolution as – a fallible human opinion.

No Honest Answer

At the bottom of page 49, a question is asked, “What about characteristics of animals today that seemed to be suited for hunting and killing?” Answer: This is the question the YECs can’t honestly answer, thus resorting to hypocrisy and say that evolution is a lie and yet turned around and promote evolution of their own— fast, rapid evolution.

Note the hypocrisy in Morris’ quote about the concept of life changing over time, Morris and others like him hypocritically asserts it’s all a lie. Ham, the hypocrite also believe this hypocrisy, claiming, on page 50, that maybe some animals began eating other animals after the fall and quoted a bible verse in Genesis 6:12 that actually refers to the entire human race, not animals. Then Ham quotes Genesis 9:2 saying that after the flood, God gives the animals a natural fear of man, never mind the fact that not all animals are afraid of man including dogs, bears, and monkeys. Thankfully, dinosaurs were never affected by it.

Fossil Fallacy

Page 51 asks this meaningless question, “Why do we find dinosaur fossils?” Ham answers this by claiming that all fossils must form by rapid burial, claiming that evolutionists once thought that the fossils formed over a slow period of millions of years only to find that the fossils were form at a rapid burial pace recently. That’s only half-truth. Although some fossil methods does require quick burial, other require a much slow, slow process such as the formation of amber and coal. This is a fabricated falsehood that shows how little Ham knows about fossils and fossilization and how they work — not at all. To really know about how a fossil is formed and what kinds of fossilization are out there, click on the links below.

A Just So Story

Then Ham asserts that because the world was such a wicked place, God had to send a Flood to destroy everything and start all over. To survive the Flood, Noah at God’s command had to build the ark and put all kinds of animals inside. One of the most silliest reasons Christians has made over the years to why the dinosaurs disappeared is because they were too big to fit into the ark. Ham counter this and claim that on average, all dinosaurs were the size of sheep or cows. This lie, just as bad as the too-big-to-fit-into-the-ark lie, is all made up in an attempt to fit all types of animals into the ark which cannot be done.

Dinosaurs don’t stay that small for long. They grow up real fast and in some cases grow from hatchling to an adult in a matter of months. Even if all of the dinosaurs, on the average, were the size of sheep, there’s still no way can they all fit into the ark. Not with 600+ kinds and still growing. Page 52 tells of the sheep size myth as well as the myth about young baby dinosaurs being taken on board. Noah was supposed to take up animals, a male and his mate, into the ark that are all sexually mature, not immature, inexperience babies that won’t make it after they left the ark after the flood.

Page 53 shows a Stegosaurus hatchling coming out of an egg with an outdated classification shown right above it.

Ham’s Lie About Stegosaurus

Pages 54-56 tells of the strawman, distorted description and discovery of Stegosaurus, the largest plated dinosaur and the most famous Stegosaur of the Jurassic Period, who lived 150 million years ago in what is now North America. On page 56, Ham brings on the myth about baby dinosaurs like Stegosaurus being taken to the ark, assuming that “teenage” dinosaurs growing up to about the size of a pony will within many years grow up into gigantic adults we’re most familiar with after they leave the ark and reproduce, never mind the fact that dinosaurs like Stegosaurus can grow up from hatchling into adult in a matter of months, a few years or a decade depending upon species.

Ham Teaching Evolution!

Page 57 proves Ham a first class hypocrite, just like all the others who asserts that Noah could only take up basic kinds of dinosaurs as well as basic kinds of all other animals into the ark so they can reproduce into great number species of animals we see today through either natural or artificial selection. All on this page, Ham advocates the very same thing he arrogantly declares it a lie and a falsehood….evolution. The word “evolution” which means “unfolding” is define according to the PBS Evolution series..

“Biological evolution refers to the cumulative changes that occur in a population over time. These changes are produced at the genetic level as organisms’ genes mutate and/or recombine in different ways during reproduction and are passed on to future generations. Sometimes, individuals inherit new characteristics that give them a survival and reproductive advantage in their local environments; these characteristics tend to increase in frequency in the population, while those that are disadvantageous decrease in frequency. This process of differential survival and reproduction is known as natural selection. Non-genetic changes that occur during an organism’s life span, such as increases in muscle mass due to exercise and diet, cannot be passed on to the next generation and are not examples of evolution.”

Like all creationists, Ham asserts that Noah took only [sic] “representative kinds of land animals” while leaving out the rest of the animal species to die off in the flood. Taking only young, inexperience “representatives” while leaving out the rest of the animal kingdom to die in the Flood is an act of disobedience to the Lord, for this greatly contradicts the command from God for Noah to take in all kinds of animals, including species, into the ark.

If what Ham claims to be the case, then Noah took up only chimpanzees while leaving the rest of the apes to die in the Flood; he took up only cobras and left the rest of the snakes to die in the Flood; he took up only bald eagles and left the rest of the eagle “kinds,” such as the harpy eagle, to die in the Flood; he took up only grizzly bears and left the rest of the bear population to die in the Flood; and so on. What is shown here is the best example of how creationists distort the biblical story of Noah’s Flood to fit their beliefs and display their utmost hypocrisy when they claim that evolution is false, yet turn around and teach evolution to be true only when it suits them.

Ham teaches rapid evolution to which he cloaked as speciation which he claims that is not evolution, but it IS evolution! To hide the fact that he is teaching evolution, Ham asserts that speciation is in his own words,

“..something based on the created information already present and is thus a limited, downhill process, not involving an upward increase in complexity.”

In other words, what he’s really saying is that all animals are clones. Pure, degenerate, slightly modified, sometimes mutant, carbon copies of the original imaginary “created kinds” with slight modifications added to them, meaning that when he says that Noah simply took up a tad few cat, dog, ape, or bear kinds into the ark (while leaving out the rest of the animals to die in the Flood — species in all) so they can repopulate the world and develop back into the many varieties of clones we see today, it implies that all types of animals, living and extinct, are direct descendants of basic kinds of animals, one or two each, that were rescued from the Flood, left the ark, and quickly developed into huge stock piles of cloned animal varieties that repopulated the earth in a very short time once more.

This is what Ham wants everyone to believe, accept, and above all, deny he’s ever teaching evolution, especially through common descant, and ignore all the problems and Biblical contradictions that associates with speciation, mutations and the Noah’s Flood scenario such as, for instance, the claim about most animals dying off after the Flood after God wanted them be kept alive after the Flood. If God wanted them alive, yet they died off after the Flood, then what’s the point of rescuing them anyway?

Ham and other YECs is surprisingly advocating evolution when they say that Noah took only basic kinds of animals to reproduce into many different kinds of animals we see today. Some people may not agree with Darwin’s views of evolution, but it seems they are most certainly agreeing with Ham and Morris’ theories of evolution which is exactly what creationists claim Darwin’s theory is— just a theory. Speciation, according to the definition in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, is define as,

“The evolutionary formation of new biological species, usually by the division of a single species into two or more genetically distinct ones.”

Thus, speciation is evolution, and Ham knows it. He refuses to admit this or else he will lose them and their money he get from them and wastes away at building and operating his crackhouse in Petersburg, Kentucky to science and reality. Ham then gives out his own strawman version of evolution and claims that information never (in large capital letters) arises by chance, which evolution actually speaks nothing of and claims constantly that it has not been observed, thus rendering evolution impossible to happen. This is a blatant lie as shown here. Reference to Evolution not being chance is here.

Ham Lies About Kinds

Page 58 tells more of Ham’s falsehoods which is entirely made up as an attempt to fit all animals into the ark which is completely impossible to do. There are over 90 million species of animals in the world, living and extinct. Even taking in only young, sheep-size basic representatives would still overfill the ark to way beyond its capacity, causing the vessel to burst apart into splinters and send all of its passengers down to the bottom of the sea. It will be completely impossible for 8 people to care for all these animals without encountering problems over diseases, sanitation, food, ventilation, stimulation, and exercise.

To combat this problem, creationists use their imaginations and pretend that all the animals in the ark went into hibernation and sleep throughout the trip. That way Noah and his family won’t have to care for them as much…or so they assume. Most animals don’t hibernate at all and sometimes hibernation proves to be a life hazard to those who do hibernate for the winter or estivate during drought seasons. Creationists would say that God caused all the animals to hibernate so that Noah would not have to spend a lot of time caring for them, prey animals would not be nervous around predatory animals, and Noah would only give the animals, including predators, just plant food to eat. This is all imagined up. All they ever present to the lay audience is just made-up imaginary scenarios they dredged up to help deal with how did the animals survive in the ark without having to encounter problems over disease, ventilation, sanitation, etc. Plus, putting them on a vegetarian diet is not going to keep predators in a healthy state. Especially when all those plants is going to make them real sick. Even Little Tyke had major heath problems when she was alive and suffering from protein deficiency that caused her to not eat meat at all.

Ham then parades the less-than-50-different-kinds-of-dinosaur falsehood when he claims,

“Dinosaur names have tended to proliferate, with new names being given to just a few pieces of bone (false), even if the skeleton looks similar to one that is a different size or found in a different country. There were probably fewer than 50 distinct groups or kinds of dinosaurs that had to be on the Ark.”

How are they’re fewer than 50 “distinct groups or kinds of dinosaurs” Ham Or is this is the way to ignore the other 550+ distinct groups or kinds of dinosaurs known in hopes of fitting all dinosaurs into the ark? There were much, much more than 50 distinct groups of dinosaurs that would overfill the ark and burst it in to splinters (even when they’re sheep sized), leaving no room for all other animals living and extinct to come inside and be saved.

There are more than 600 different kinds of dinosaurs— and still growing as new dinosaur species is discovered every 6 weeks on average. Plus this is entirely made up out of total ignorance of scores of complete dinosaur skeletons unearthed over the years that adds more to the dinosaur supertree, making it grow more larger than it was before.

This less-than-50-different-kinds-tripe is made entirely up to fit dinosaurs into the ark let alone all other forms of living and extinct life which it cannot be done. The ark was extremely large, but not large enough to hold all basic kinds of animals in the world that exceeds 90 million, let alone way exceeds 50 and 200.

All of what is shown on page 58 is debunked concerning the number of animals and the ark capacity being fewer than 75,000 animals which Morris and John Whitcomb claim to fit only on one floor of the ark. Even with 75,000 animals there is no way can they be fitted in the ark, not even on one floor. Even if they did fit into the ark, there will be much more major problems with feeding, care, maintenance, exercise, and ventilation as mentioned before.

Here’s a web page that has a whole list of links to websites that gives out more details on all of the issues on the problems of Noah’s ark and how the YEC story of Noah’s ark is totally flawed. Click here to visit it. Click here also to read the latest article written by Dave E. Matson for a website created by Ed Babinski, an ex-creationist who was deconverted from Christianity to agnosticism after he realized that he was being deceived by the false teachings of those who claim to be of Christian faith. It exposes the flaws the creationists’ flood model has and how even the Bible itself, when looked closely, shows to the reader just how flawed and false the Flood Folly really is.

The Fictional Flood Date

Another falsehood Ham mentions is the Flood allegedly taking place around 4,500 years ago at the same time as the building of the Pyramids in Egypt as well as the notion that there were billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth, which we find none of. None of the layers of rock were made up by the waters of Noah’s Flood. In fact, they were made up by local flooding, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms, droughts, and other non-Noah’s Flood related events. Each layer represents a period of time. The younger layers at the top represent recent years, the older layers at the bottom represent the most ancient of years. All this have nothing to do with the Flood.

Ice Age Blunder

The last part of the segment claims falsely that all fossils were formed by the flood and its devastating aftermath, which is false. Ham asserts that the Flood caused the Ice Age to occur right after the Flood ended. That’s false, too. There are about 4, not 1, but 4 incidents of an Ice Age to have occurred all throughout earth’s history including the most famous one occurring tens of thousands of years ago as shown here.

Ignorance of Rigor Mortis

He then claims that twisted and contorted bodies, mass graveyards, wide distribution (As if all animals and people once live in one single spot before the Flood came and scattered them! Must have been way too over crowded with little or no space back then, huh.), and some whole skeletons of dinosaurs (that were quietly buried in reality) provide convincing evidence of dinosaurs being rapidly buried by the Flood. All of this is false as well.

Floods, even the Flood of Noah, don’t really bury things— they simply wash them all away. What does bury everything on the spot rapidly are sandstorms and volcanic ashfalls. In every essay I made about the fraudulent flood geology, I gave you a scenario of what would’ve happened if the global Flood did occur and greatly affected the world that will bring death to not only the animals, but to people as well. The Flood would’ve destroyed all plant life, destroy all fossils, decimated the whole world with volcanoes, earthquakes, and meteor storms, which the Bible speaks nothing of, shatter the continents and mountains into the sea, and above all render the whole world into a desert wasteland; no Ice Age. As mentioned before, if God wanted to preserve all life in the ark and yet all life was wiped out just after they left the ark, them what’s the point of rescuing them from the Flood anyway?

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 4

The Great Dragon Lie

The next question asks, “Is there another word for dinosaurs?” Answer: Except birds, No. No other word for dinosaur. But Ham, the liar, thinks there is. But it’s not “birds” he’s referring to, but dragons, mythical monsters Ham and other creationists, without proof of evidence, insist they’re real because the Bible allegedly tells them so. In the next section, Ham brings on the fabrication about dinosaurs being dragons people once saw alive, ignoring the word ‘dragon’ coming from the Greek word ‘drakon’ meaning “snake” or “serpent” and that it involves only snakes, not dinosaurs. The only reason why creationists invent such a dragon/dinosaur lie is because dinosaurs are big, huge, monstrous, and scaly just like dragons.

The only difference between the two is that unlike dragons, dinosaurs don’t have serpentine bodies. Neither do Pterosaurs and Mesozoic Marine reptiles have bodies and features that match that of dragons. Worldwide sightings of fossil remains of dinosaurs, mammoths, and other extinct animals may have inspired dragon and monster myths, NOT sightings of live dinosaurs and their extinct relatives.

The Baryonyx That Isn’t

Creationists has a knack nowadays to make up dragon caricatures and falsely call them “dinosaurs.” A trait first brought on by a dino/dragon caricature shown on page 81 in Duane Gish’s idiot book Dinosaurs By Design and then carried on into this book, where a modified version of this particular fictional caricature is being blatantly shown on page 29. To add insult to injury, this dragon caricature is given the name “Baryonyx” a name used by creationists to spread their stupid lies further about dinosaurs, claiming the caricature to be the same as the real Baryonyx, a large bipedal primitive Spinosaurid that lived 125 million years ago during the early Cretaceous Period in what is now England. Baryonyx, meaning “Heavy Claw”, is named to describe a massive claw that is growing on his first digit finger on each hand. This imaginary caricature is the creationists’ own “hopeful monster,” a monstrous, make-believe, 4-horned, spiked bodied stereotype creationists imagined up and used to promote their false belief of dinosaurs-always-living-with-man fallacy. The name “Baryonyx” is real. The dragon in the creationist literature isn’t.

They reason, “If it looks like a dragon and it comes from England where dragon tales were told, then it must be a dragon that Knights like St. George has killed long ago. And since Baryonyx is found in a country where dragon legends are prevalent throughout the country, why not?” or so they falsely reasoned. Another possible reason to why they made Baryonyx into a horny, dragon-ish caricature is because to them, it must have resemble horned dragons with arrow shaped heads as depicted in many Medieval art. Especially art that was made from England, France and other European countries.

One look at the red dragon design on the Flag of Wales and the YECs conclude falsely that it must be Baryonyx whom people must have saw since the YEEs themselves knew that the remains of the dinosaur have been found in England in 1983 in the town of Surrey in a country where dragon stories have often been told over there. The reality is that none of the dragon images and descriptions of them match that of Baryonyx (i.e. bat or bird wings, extra horns, multiple heads, cat-like bodies, fiery and/or poison breath, woman’s breasts, dog-like ears, etc). YEEs, out of blind ignorance of the actual fossil of Baryonyx which shows none of what the caricature has, made the dinosaur into a genderless dragon caricature with dog ears, arrow tail tip, and 3 additional horns and say falsely that Baryonyx is the dragon that St. George has slain, never mind the dragons, especially the winged heraldic dragon St. George has really killed, never resembling Baryonyx in one form or another and vice versa.

Here is the caricature, claimed by Ham to be Baryonyx, the alleged dinosaur St. George killed in battle as depicted on page 29.


All make believe. This is nothing more than a larger, more elaborate version of a small dragon modeled after a cat located within a large menagerie of cats that was drawn and sketched by the famous Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Unlike the fictitious creature above, Baryonyx in real life completely lacked dog-like ears, three or four horns on its crocodile-like face, a tail with an arrow like point at the end, an s-shaped neck (His neck is actually straight, not curved.), additional spines on its back and elbows, bat wings, and a fiery breath.

Now, here’s exactly what Baryonyx really looks like in real life based on fossil evidence (Painting by Luis Rey):


It was a fish eater, yet occasionally scavenged among the dinosaur carcasses for food. Something Ham left out in his false descriptions of it. Inside the stomach area of the dinosaur alongside fish remains, there are skeletal remains of a young Iguanodon. Baryonyx must have either killed or scavenged what was found inside. Unlike most flesh-eaters of his time, Baryonyx’s had teeth that were straight not curved. All the better to get a grip on a very slippery fish with.

It was an primitive Spinosaurid, dinosaurs with tall spines on their backs, including Spinosaurus, a well known spinosaurid from 90 million years ago in Africa. Another dinosaur creationists made into a false caricature of a dragon and exploit it along with Baryonyx to fit their own beliefs of what a dragon is like.

Verse Mining

Another distortion of dragons and dinosaurs is shown on pages 30-32 by giving out a distorted interpretation of Isaiah 43:20 in the King James Bible that when interpreted and translated rightly, the verse actually describes wolves and or jackals among owls living in ruins of cities and towns.

More On The Pseudo-Dinosaur

There, Ham gives out a distorted description of Baryonyx claiming it was “rediscovered” in 1980. That’s wrong. Baryonyx was actually discovered in 1983.

Can’t Ham ever get his dino history right? Obviously, no he can’t. Instead he just makes up one stupid, unfounded lie after another such as the notion of the Genesis 2 passage being an account of Adam becoming the first person to discover dinosaurs. Wrong again. Adam made no discoveries at all. He was only presented with the animals by God who brought them to Adam so he can name them and see if one of them can be his suitable choice for a mate. God brought the animals to Adam so he can name them and choose a mate from one of them which he wasn’t able to find. So, God put Adam to sleep, took a rib from his body, made a woman out of it, and presented her to Adam who fell in love with her and took her in to be his wife.

Then, Ham tells about how the dinosaur have been unearthed and assembled. Then he asserts that the dinosaur at one time lived on a pre-fall diet of plants, wasting his precious teeth and stomach of a meat-eater away. Ham lies and says that if the reader looks at the dinosaur at the museum, then he is looking at the dragon that St. George has slain. All total bullcrap and absolutely an unfounded lie.

In reality, the famous tale is actually a Christianized version of a Greek Mythological tale of a great hero named Perseus who saved Andromeda, a beautiful lady from a fierce serpentine dragon named Cetus, who lived in the sea. The actual dragon in the St George tale is nothing more than a winged dragon with bat or bird wings, a serpentine body, 4 or 2 limbs, forked tail and tongue, woman’s breasts, poisoned breath, and dog ears. Something Baryonyx completely lacks thereof.

Fabricating Dragon Tales

To prove their falsehood, creationists deliberately take dragon tales out of context and fabricating them to fit their beliefs. All these fabrications have 100% failed miserably to explain how come there are no dinosaur remains (let alone other prehistoric remains) found mixed with human and modern animal remains in the fossil record despite creationists’ assertions of them being the so-called “evidence” confirming their warped belief in a world where dinosaurs once lived with man.

Ham mentions on page 32, of an Anglo-Saxon history book that tells of the history of the early British and claims that there are accounts of people seeing dragons. Dragons, Ham falsely claims, to have descriptions that fit with dinosaurs. They don’t. I looked at an online version of the book and it tells NONE of what Ham claims in the book.

There is only one mentioning of dragons in the book. It is only located in the 793 AD or CE account, where people saw a bad omen in the sky which it includes huge sheets of light, whirlwinds, and dragons flying in the air. No descriptions was made of what they are like at all. What Ham claims is nothing more than a direct fabrication of ancient sightings of shooting stars, comets, or meteor showers sighted by the ancient people who didn’t know what they were. So, they regard them as “dragons” streaking across the sky, giving them a very bad omen of what’s to come that could spell doom, destruction, and despair for the people living in the area where they saw the lights in the sky. Click here to see a page from the online book and see what I mean and how Ham, who probably have never look into the book, is wrong on what the book claimed to have said.

List of Fabrications

Next, Ham shows a list of fabrications taken from Paul Taylor’s idiot book The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible book and film. This list contains what he believes to be accounts found in other forms of ancient literature of people meeting up with live dinosaurs, while they are really in fact fabrications creationists like Ham made up by taking in pieces of what they want to take in and throw out the rest of the context that clearly states that the “dragons” are not really dinosaurs at all,

“A Sumerian story dating back to 2000 BC or earlier tells of a hero named Gilgamesh, who, when he went to fell cedars in a remote forest, encountered a huge vicious dragon that he slew, cutting off its head as a trophy.”

Gilgamesh actually killed a humanoid demon named Humbaba by cutting off his head and was cursed by Humbaba’s creator because of this deed.

“When Alexander the Great (c. 330 BC) and his soldiers marched into India, they found that the Indians worshipped huge hissing reptiles that they kept in caves.”

They actually saw only one serpentine dragon in the cave, blowing, hissing, and popping only its head out of the cave from time to time whenever an army passes by. The serpent is said to measure about 120 feet long and has huge eyes the size and shape of a Macedonian shield. No dinosaur eyes were ever that big, nor did they have serpentine bodies.

“China is renowned for its dragon stories, and dragons are prominent on Chinese pottery, embroidery, and carvings.”

All feature a serpentine body with a compositor of nine modern animals, the horns of a deer; the head of a camel; the eyes of a devil; the neck of a snake; the abdomen of a large cockle; the scales of a carp; the claws of an eagle; the paws of a tiger; and the ears of an ox. No dinosaur descriptions here.

“England and several other cultures retain the story of St. George, who slew a dragon that lived in a cave.”

He actually slew a winged dragon with a poisonous breath that lived in the water. No dinosaur descriptions here.

“There is the story of a tenth-century Irishman who wrote of his encounter with what appears to have been a Stegosaurus.”

Wrong. The Irishmen encountered a winged limbless serpent named Paiste whom was tricked by the Irishmen into being binded by 3 rods and sent to the sea to await his punishment from God.

“In the 1500s, a European scientific book, Historia Animalium, listed several living animals that we would call dinosaurs. A well-known naturalist of the time, Ulysses Aldrovandus, recorded an encounter between a peasant named Baptista and a dragon whose description fits that of the small dinosaur Tanystropheus. The encounter was on May 13, 1572, near Bologna in Italy, and the peasant killed the dragon.”

Tanystropheous looked nothing at all like the dragon that’s now considered a hoax. It was more of a drake or a fat Lindorm than the Triassic Archosaur. The dragon Baptista claims to have seen and killed had a neck and head that resembles a coiling snake, a curling tail, a pair of bat wings, a big fat belly, and only 2 limbs. Tanystropheus, on the other hand, had a 10 foot long stiffen neck, 4 legs, a skinny body, and a tail that snaps off when attacked by a predator like a modern lizard of today. This lizard is ill equipped for both water life or land life. Yet, scientists are still trying to learn as much as they can about this special Triassic archosaur which probably spends its time on the ocean shores feeding on fish, ammonites, and other forms of sea life.

“Petroglyphs (drawings carved on rock) of dinosaurlike creatures have also been found.”

They’re all either modern drawings created as a publicity stunt, including the so-called carving that’s really a pareidolia resembling a dinosaur puppet facing a trunkless mammoth stuff toy, or an attempt made to illustrate Paleozoic invertebrates on rock walls after seeing fossil remains of them nearby (Citations: Adrienne Mayor’s Fossil legends and The First Americans pg. 337, 403).

This is one of the many examples of creationists misidentifying ancient artist conceptions of modern and mythical animals as dinosaurs simply because of they’re shaped like them, never mind the details clearly saying that they’re not. The best example of this is a Native American drawing shown in various creationist literature, which was made better sense of by Dr. Stephen Meyer of Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies (IBSS) who concluded in the February 2008 article that the infamous petroglyph, in which creationists long use as evidence of live dinosaurs living alongside humans and modern animals, actually depicts an eagle, a modern dinosaur we call a bird.

Misusing Bible Verses

Next, Ham wrongfully claims that the Hebrew word “tannim” should also mean “dinosaur” as well as “dragon.” Problem is, this is not the actual translation of the word. When translated correctly, the word “tannim” actually means “wolf” or “jackal” not “dragon” or “dinosaur.” Note how Ham verse mined the 2 KJV Bible verses, Malachi 1:3 and Jeremiah 14:6 found also on page 33 out of context and fixed it to mean dinosaurs, while in fact when translated accurately and put it all in full context, it actually refers to wolves panting during a drought and jackals roaming in the wilderness among the ruins of many cities. Skipping a few pages to page 37, we find Ham claiming that there were “dragons” living in the sea as told in Psalm 74:13 and Isaiah 27:1. These verses are all mined too. The verse in Psalms put in context describes of how God destroyed a seven headed monster called Leviathan and fed its body to the animals of the desert. And no dinosaur have such a body with many heads on it. The other verse in Isaiah, when put in context, is actually saying that God will destroy Leviathan, the twisting, coiling snake like monster. No Mesozoic sea reptile like Kronosaurus, Tylosaurus, Plesiosaurus ever coiled up their bodies like snakes. They’re too stiff and bulky for that.

Plesiosaur Falsehood

Backtracking on page 35-37, skipping the Plesiosaur image on page 34 and its outdated classification right next to it, there is a section on the Plesiosaur that is nothing but strawman descriptions as well as twisted, distorted lies and myths about the Jurassic/Cretaceous creatures, including Clyptoclidus, a plesiosaur from the late Jurassic Period.

Here, Ham, in his delusional imagination, pretends that before the Fall of Man, the marine reptiles ate nothing but low nutritional, mushy, indigestible kelp, seaweed, and algae, wasting their sharp tooth jaws and stomach for fish, mollusks, and other marine animals away that God has given them, making them highly useless and the poor creatures very, very sick; suffer, even die from indigestion, competing with other animals for plants, not giving the plants any chances to survive, and bringing the underwater plant kingdom into extinction, never to be given a chance to reproduce, grow, and rejuvenate.

Then what will Plesiosaur eat? Rocks? Ham states that some of them may have survived the Flood into modern times, which is false. All nothing but distorted tales and stupid lies creationists like Ham made up to fit their own fabricated views about cryptozoology, something creationists have been known to take advantage of concerning about alleged sightings of animals such as the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot.

Kronosaurus Is NOT Leviathan

On page 38-41, Ham makes up this imaginary claim about Kronosaurus being the Leviathan of the Bible. Kronosaurus was a pliosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period 112 million years ago. Yet, Ham wrongfully brands this pliosaur as the fabled Leviathan of Job 41 and Psalms 104:26, while ignorant of the fact that Kronosaurus completely lack armor all over his body and a fiery breath. Many, faulty strawman descriptions is made of the pliosaur, including the hilarious, unfounded imaginary concept about the sharp teeth and powerful jaws of the pliosaur, supposedly used for crushing ammonites and fish, gets wasted and render useless on mushy, low nutritious plant food, especially air choking algae during the alleged pre-fall era.

Here’s a picture of a fictional dragon caricature claimed by Ham to be Kronosaurus, the alleged Leviathan of the Bible. The name Kronosaurus is real, the caricature pictured below isn’t.


And here’s what the marine reptile actually looks like in real life (from DK Publishing).


Finally on the top of Page 42, Ham claims the word “whale” in Genesis 1:21 is a word for “dragon.” The word “dragon” does not refer to any Mesozoic Marine reptile, because none of them have bodies that resembled snakes, unlike Leviathan, the snake-like sea monster in which according to one reference it had multiple heads, about 7 of them according to other religious writings. Instead the marine reptiles have bodies that resembled dolphins, crocodiles, and sea turtles with long necks threaded through them.

To know the truth about the real Leviathan of the Bible who is in fact neither a crocodile nor a pliosaur, click here.

Pterosaur Fallacy

Now on page 42, we get to the Pterosaur fallacy based on Isaiah 30:6 KJV where in it Ham claims that the “fiery flying serpents” mention in Isaiah 30:6 refers to only pterosaurs, which is entirely false. The ‘fiery flying serpents’ described by Isaiah may have been referring to Amphitheres which are described to have colorful scales, no limbs, and bird-like wings, and reproduce by killing off the male after they mate, only for the female to die afterwords when the babies hatched inside her body and devour their way out of her. The term, ‘fiery flying serpents’ in the verse is only used to describe the Amphitheres and their painful poisonous bite that can be compared to a painful burn after one carelessly touched hot flames on a stove or an open fire. Pterosaurs are in fact none of such monsters. Pteorsaurs in reality are Mesozoic flying reptiles that are described to have a coat of hair on their bodies, 4 limbs, skinned wings each supported by one elongated 4th finger, and reproduce by being eggs layers.

Ham’s Description of Pteranodon

Moving on down to page 44-45, passing page 43 that shows an image of Pteranodon and the strawman classification next to it, there is a distorted description of Pteranodon. Pteranodon is a very well known pterosaur who lived during the Cretaceous period 70-65 million years ago. This pterosaur is about the size of a human being and has a wing span of 27 feet. Ham thinks this pterosaur is among the “fowl in the air” as told in Genesis 1:20-23.

Ham, in his foolish ignorance, claims that the word “fowl” doesn’t necessary mean “bird.” Sorry, Ham. Fowl does mean “bird” and only refers to such as doves and chickens. Pterosaurs are not birds and are not included in the fowl category and Ham knows it. Ham then gives out his distorted version of the discovery of Pteranodon and claim that evolutionists theorizes that pterosaurs soar above the water surface in search of fish to eat due to the discovery of Pterosaur remains in ocean sedimentary layers. This “theory” is factual. It is based on factual evidence that has zero to do with Noah’s flood. Pterosaurs in most cases did live above the beaches, the shores, the coastlines, everywhere that has to do with water and livelihoods of fish, squid, and other forms of sea food. Some pterosaurs did lived inland where they soar above the skies in search of carcasses to eat like vultures do today. Ham states that pterosaurs could not have eaten fish before the Fall because fish, like all animals and man have “nephesh” meaning “spirit” or “soul” inside of them. Since when?

Explaining Nephesh

Since when do fish processed the ability to show feelings and emotions like monkeys and elephants do? This is pure example of Ham being a total crank when he makes such statements like that, knowing nothing of what the Hebrew word really refers to in real life.

The word nephesh according to Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary literally means “a breathing creature.” Even plants breathe although they don’t breath the same way humans and animals breathe. Instead of lungs or gills, plants breathe through stomata, tiny holes underneath the leaves that takes in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen as well as absorb light during the process of photosynthesis which occurs during the daylight hours. They also do the opposite during the process of respiration which occurs both day and night. During respiration, the plant takes in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Both process is done through the stomata, the “nose” of the plant. So, you might say that plants were the first nephesh creatures God has ever made before He created 5 more nephesh creatures, fish, birds, wild and tame animals, and man. All organisms are nephesh creatures because they all breathe the air through lungs, gills, or stomata.

The word nephesh also means “a spirit”, too which only humans have in them. Nearly every part of the Bible that has the word nephesh in them refers only to humans– spiritual beings created by God who gave mankind a soul. Creationists asserts that plants are not alive in a sense because they don’t have a spirit or a nephesh in them. Neither do animals have a “nephesh” in them, but do the creationists care? Nope. They rather ignore the fact that throughout the Bible the word nephesh is used to describe only humans, who are the only beings that possess nephesh in them. This is something that was given exclusively to them by God. Neither animals, nor plants have nepheshim (plural) in them. Obviously this is all imagined up to compromise pagan beliefs that says animals have what the webmaster calls “a spirit, consciousness or soul” and to ignore the fact that most Christians believe that only humans have souls in them, not animals and definitely not plants.

Like humans and animals, plants are alive! They eat and drink from their roots. They breathe through stomata. They grow and reproduce. They are either male or female depending on gender. When inflicted, they bleed sap (and yes, some plants do have blood). Creationists thinks plants that whither doesn’t necessary mean that they die. They do. When plants whither, they die. Plants are no different then any living being on earth. The only certain thing in the world that doesn’t have nephesh in them is rocks!

Pterosaurs are falsely called “flying serpents” by the extremists who claimed that people like Herodotus and Isaiah once saw them at one time which is false as mentioned above. The flying serpents in the stories, especially told by Herodotus, are said to have no legs. Pterosaurs have legs. This is what Ham fails to mention in every idiot literature he produces and distributes for personal gain. No one really ever saw a living Pterosaur at all. Not even Herodotus nor the prophet Isaiah. No pterosaur fossils have in fact been found above and below the Mesozoic strata and never will be. Instead, Herodotus must have saw Amphitheres with bird wings, colorful scales, no limbs, and a poison bite that can inflict great burning pain. Isaiah must have saw the same thing as well and used them, instead of Pterosaurs, that were long dead by the time humans came about, to speak figuratively to the people of his time.

The Real Difference Between Ham’s Dragon Caricatures and The Real Dragons of Folklore

Now page 46 features a summary that claims that people are familiar with dragons and that some descriptions of dragons fit with dinosaurs, which is false. Not one Dinosaur have snake-like bodies, fiery breath, women’s breasts, the power to create storms, eat maidens, etc. The only dinosaurs that are mentioned in the Bible are not fabled dragons, behemoths, and/or leviathans, but in fact birds. Eagles, doves, vultures, even sparrows just to name a few. Birds are the only dinosaurs to be mentioned in the Bible.

All these dragon stories are in fact not historical evidence whatsoever of dinosaurs living beside people, because not only they’re creationist-made fabrications, they also all failed miserably to explain how come there are no dinosaur remains found above and below the Mesozoic strata as well as mixed with human and modern animal remains in the fossil record.