Stupid Dinosaurs In Creationist La La Land

Look above. There’s a title I put on this article. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Stupid Dinosaurs in Creationist La La Land!

Cool title isn’t it? Much better than all other titles I made up over the years since 2003 when I first started blogging about my ordeal with those nasty creationists and their idiot talk about dinosaurs, don’t you think? Blogger’s fine but I decided to move my essays to Wikidot because it’s much cooler than both WordPress and Blogger put together. And they say WordPress is the best blogging platform ever. BAH! I hate WordPress because it gave me a real hard time through database crashes, host downtimes, no javascripts, no theme editing, and other obsticles. I would much rather stick to Blogger for blogging and Wikidot for creating site and use them both to debunk pseudoscience and how creationists deal with dinosaurs stupidly and dishonestly.

Let me warn you— I type rough and holds the young earth creationists in contempt for being dishonest compulsive liars outright and profaning the Christian Faith with lies, distortions, and outright hypocrisy. I admit I’m not a good writer. I have problems with typos, grammars, and a few misspellings here and there. But writing problems aside, this title definitely rings a bell.

Stupid Dinosaurs in Creationist La La Land is inspired by all of the Pseudo-dragons Ken Ham of “Answers” in Genesis has in his creation “museum” which I’d rather prefer to call a “Crackhouse” because it’s a place that sells destructive addictive drugs in form of creationism to hapless people who wastes $20.00 just to see this La La Land Ham created out of a piece of land in Kentucky. This is the La La Land of Bible Distortions, Hypocrisy, Science Fiction, Ignorance, Lies, Hatred, Fear, and Slander crawling with stupid dinosaurs made by creationists out of sheer ignorance of the real dinosaurs reconstructed and restored by authentic professional paleontologists like Paul Sereno and Xu Xing based on actual studies of their fossil and bone structure.

This is not True Christianity being displayed over at the crackhouse no matter what Christian Fundamentalists who believe in such lies say. They teach that in order to be a Christian and go to Heaven, one has to reject evolution and believe the lies Ham, John Morris, Kent Hovind, Buddy Davis, and other creationists tell in the name of God. Hands down this is not found in the Bible. Nor is it biblical for people to invoke fear, make “god or goo” choices, slanderously intimidate, impose forcefully, and spew out words, bible verses, and questions of condemnation upon anyone who disagrees with and reject their views on prehistory and how everything began. The very same things evolutionists are claimed to believe and do is exactly what creationists believe and do themselves.

Creationists refuse to admit their own sin, failures, and hypocrisies out of arrogant pride. They’d rather be right on everything than admit their wrongdoing, They want evolutionists be wrong in everything than rather admit they’re right in many things. Doing otherwise would be a total disgrace to them and their followers who flock to their crackhouses, churches, collage and school auditoriums just to hear their stupid lies.