The Great Dinosaur Mystery And The Bible Part 2

Creationists who believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, whether they admit it or not, have huge problems with dinosaurs. They tried over the years to deal with them in every way they know how. To deal with dinosaurs, they were faced with 3 options,

  1. Deny their existence and dismiss their fossil remains as carvings of the Devil.
  2. Acknowledge their existence and accept the scientific fact that dinosaurs lived and died before the dawn of man.
  3. Lie about them. Say that dinosaurs once lived with man while ignoring the evidence of the opposite.

Unfortunately, Creationists like Paul S. Taylor chose 3 as their option because this is the only way they can fit dinosaurs into their idiocy. Still, ignoring the evidence pointing to the opposite of what this book advocates is not going to make it all go away.

This false teaching began to rear its ugly head in the 1970s, spread in the late 80s, and explode throughout the decade of the 90s. A tad few others. however, chose 1 as their option. Only option 2 gets left out.

If all creationists chose 2 as their option, then they would’ve been much better off when it comes to knowing the truth about dinosaurs. Sadly, this is not the case as most of them choose option 3 and create one idiot form of creationist propaganda after another. One of the such forms is a well known creationist book entitled The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible (1987, rehashed 1989), written and published by Taylor himself, who operates a Christian fundamentalist organization know as Films for Christ (FFC). He also made a film and a website of the book, which just like all creationist books, denies all aspects on dinosaurs, including the fact that dinosaurs and man has never coexisted at any point in time (except birds).

This book contains anatomically incorrect drawings and paintings of dinosaurs in which some of them depict theropods engaging in incorrect feeding habits— clear proof that creationists like Taylor would stoop so low in never getting their dinosaur drawings and paintings right no matter what they do. The book has been rehashed rather than revised. The rehashed only contain color pictures (?) on every page while the older version has two pages in color and two pages in gray and white. It doesn’t matter. For both of them are full of crap.

Cover Description

The front cover and the second intro title page of the book depicts a fantasy scene where a large bird with pink feathers lands right next to a wrongly drawn, anatomically incorrect, sickly, smiling Brachiosaurus that’s wrongly shown to have an Apatosaurus-like body. Coming into the view on the lower right hand corner of the scene is a head of a billy goat. The lower left hand corner of the cover shows a small boy facing the dinosaur and the bird. The back cover and the first intro title page of the book shows an elephant walking into the lake to take a drink while the lower left hand corner of the scene shows Parasaurolophus browsing the treetop branch and on the bottom foreground shows a Dromiceiomimus foraging around. The upper left hand corner shows a brief review made about the book that boasts that every basic mystery about the dinosaurs easy to solve with God’s Word. It won’t. Using the Bible to solve scientific mysteries solves nothing. God’s Word, the Bible is highly neutral when it comes to science, dinosaurs, chemistry, bacteria, and others. It never had such things in it to begin with, nor is it intended to be used as any school textbook, including a science book whatsoever. But creationists don’t know better. Rather they treat the Bible is if it is a know-it-all science book and falsely claim that the Bible has all the answers to everything there is about dinosaurs, which it don’t.

Morris’ Footnote

The first page of the book shows a “special note” from the late not-so-great Henry Morris (1918-2006) about this book. On it, it claims that this is “a very unique book. Children will find it a fascinating discussion of one of their favorite subjects and parents will appreciate its unusual new insights in the nature of these great animals of the past.” Sure they will, as long as they are totally ignorant and know nothing about the real truth behind the book and their minds are far away from scientific reality.

He goes on to say that the record of the dinosaurs is placed quite naturally in the Biblical account of a recent creation and the worldwide Noah’s flood (It doesn’t and he knew it!) and is a significant contribution to Biblical apologetics (It’s not and he knew it!). He tells about the author of the book who made a film of the same name as the book and highly recommends this for Christian schools and churches (Not!) and declares that every Christian will profit greatly from both the film and the book….or will they?

Taylor’s Intro

Page 9; intro page: We see Paul introducing to his distorted version of the “science” of dinosaurs and adds,

“Those people with an adventurous spirit would give almost anything to find a real, live dinosaur somewhere in the world. But, of course, mainstream scientists say that is impossible. Evolutionists have long conjectured that dinosaurs were part of a (sic) theoretical Great Age of the Reptiles about 200 million years ago. According to their theory, dinosaurs became extinct about 70 million years ago. And man did not evolve until about 4 million years ago. If this is true, no man could ever have seen a live dinosaur

It is true and Taylor knows it. Everywhere we look, we find not a single trace of dinosaur and human remains in and around each other in the fossil record. But as for creationists like Taylor, ignorance knows no bounds.

“However, some [sic] new discoveries indicate that man and dinosaurs may have lived together in the not too distant past. Modern man may have to totally rethink theories of how these great creatures fit into the history of the human race.”

There are no new discoveries made, only made-up stories, tall tales, fabrications, forgeries, hoaxes, and lies made up by creationists out of blind ignorance of the fossil, historical, and archaeological records being completely void of human and dinosaur remains mixed and interacted together. That’s it.

Taylor Doesn’t Know Dinosaurs

“What is a Dinosaur?”: Giving out the history of the word “dinosaur,” Taylor claims,

“Although the technical definition of “dinosaur” is not absolutely established, there is general agreement about which animals should be included under this title.”

He’s lying. NO scientist is clueless in knowing what is and what’s not a dinosaur. Any scientist knows exactly what a dinosaur really is and which animal should or should not be in the dinosaur’s term. Dinosaurs are a race of special reptilian\avian animals that once ruled the earth for millions of years long before there were any humans on earth. He tries to prove this point by misquoting Alan Charig (1938-1997) from his book A New Look at the Dinosaurs (1979,1983, British Museum of Natural History). According to page 15 of the book, Taylor claims it says,

“The ‘Dinosauria’ have not yet been shown to form a natural group, and it may well be that they never will – for the simple reason that the natural group in question may not have existed!”

Nope, that’s not what Allan said in the book. Here’s what Alan really said on page 15 in his book with context pieces in bold,

“There is, as yet, no evidence to suggest that the common archosaurian ansector of the Saurischia and the Ornithischia – the common ancestor of all dinosaurs – was ancestral to dinosaurs only and not also to those other, non-dinosaurian archosaurs. In other words, the ‘Dinosauria’ have not yet been shown to form a natural group, and it may well be that they never will – for the simple reason that the natural group in question may not have existed!”

When the quote is put in full context, Alan was actually dealing with archosaurian ancestors that were common ancestors to only dinosaurs and their relatives and how the evidence of their existence have yet to be found, which they now already have.

He then gives out some lists of what Taylor himself believes to be what is and what is not a dinosaur according to scientists’ “assumptions” and of some certain technical characteristics the dinosaurs have that are out-dated by many decades in some cases while in others are what Taylor makes up from his head without checking to see if what he claims is correct or not and throws them in for measure.

Taylor’s Kindergarten Dinosaur Definition>

His so-called technical characteristics of dinosaurs include (with my rebuttals to them in parentheses),

  1. Underslung legs that gave dinosaurs an erect posture. (A fully erect posture mind you.)
  2. A large hole in the bottom of their basin-shaped hip-socket (A large Hole in the bottom of their basin-shaped hip-socket? What in the world is he talking about? Does Taylor really know that the hips are made up of 3 parts; the pubis, the ilium, and the ischium? Nope. Probably not. Perhaps he’s referring to the large hole where it’s really where the thighbone is connected to. Otherwise, this is something that’s entirely made up from Taylor, the man who has no absolute knowledge of dinosaur morphology.).
  3. A secondary palate (uncharacteristic of reptiles) that permits dinosaurs to eat and breathe at the same time (In ornithopods like Camptosaurus).
  4. A fairly straight thigh bone with an in-turned head (The thigh bones in many cases are all curved, not straight. This helps dinosaurs like Struthiomimus to run better.).
  5. Two pairs of holes in the temporal region of the skull (diapsid skull).
  6. Backward-pointing knees (or elbows) of the front legs (See below.).
  7. Forward-pointing knees of the rear legs (rather than pointing sideways) (In both #6 and #7, Taylor is wrongly comparing the leg arrangements of quadruped dinosaurs with the leg arrangements of a horse. Sauropods have feet that resemble elephants. But unlike elephants, the sauropod toes in many cases are known to be clawed. He also neglects to mentioned that some dinosaurs are bipedal. The legs and feet of most quadrupeds and all bipedals resemble the legs and feet of birds, not mammals.).
  8. Front legs shorter and lighter than the rear legs (in almost every case. The exceptions are the Brachiosaurids, with front legs longer than their hind legs, and the Camerasaurids, with both front and hind legs being of the same length.).
  9. A special bone (predentary) at the chin that capped the front of the bottom jaw in some dinosaurs (the ornithischians) (They’re not the only ones that have a predentary bone in their bottom jaw. Saurodon leanus, a fish that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period within the Niobrara Sea, an inland sea that once covered the center of North America during the Cretaceous Period, in what is now Kansas, also has a predentary bone in its bottom jaw it probably have used to skim the surface of the water for food.)
  10. Land-dwelling creature, rather than marine or airborne (except birds.).

There is much, much more to the list of dinosaur groups than what is and what’s not shown on Taylor’s list.


Taylor’s Kindergarten Classifications

The classification page: Here’s a page which shows a list of classification and taxonomy of dinosaurs. Simplistic, yet very outdated. Taylor claims,

“It is natural to try to group animals into similar types. Some animals are certainly genetically related to each other. The current animal (zoological) classification system used today is based on theories of evolutionary relationships between creatures. Evolutionists wrongly assume that ALL animals are genetically related to each other.”

None of what the evolutionists “assume” is wrong. The notion of all organisms genetically related to each other (a.k.a. Phylogeny) is based on factual evidence in which The Tree of Life site will proudly explain. Heck even creationists assume that all animals are related to each other — like clones.

He then states,

“Since Evolution is itself a theory, the detailed dinosaur classification system shown below is also theoretical – based on certain assumptions and guesswork – and thus will change. Dinosaur classification and the assumed number of dinosaur species may vary widely depending on the paleontologist.”

It is a huge lie and Taylor knows it! The classification and the taxonomy of dinosaurs is NOT made-up based on assumptions and guesswork. The classification is all based on fossilized evidence, studies of the evidence, and how scientists are comparing the fossils with each other to learn about how dinosaurs are related to each other and what dinosaur belongs to what species that are known out there. Evolution is FACT, not just a theory. It is the very, very best explanation to how did life came about (other than God) and how life change over time based on mammoth mounds of scientific evidence Creationists continuously and deliberately choose to deny.


How many Species?

The species page: Here we see Taylor’s view on how many species of dinosaurs are known (all out-dated by decades),

“Estimates vary widely. We’ve seen figures between 250 and 550 or more (one research estimated a whopping 500,000 species).”

The number of 500,000 species of dinosaurs is a little over exaggerating, don’t you think? With that number, it would be totally impossible for Noah to fit them all into the ark, if there ever was such a scenario. Over 600 known dinosaur genera is known— and the number is still growing!

He went on,

“The numbers will continue to fluctuate. Many of these “different species” were actually assigned separate names based on scanty fossil evidence, sometimes only a tooth or vertebra. Dinosaur fossils are often expensive to excavate and collect. So, relatively few remains have actually been obtained by museums and paleontologists. We haven’t found any current estimates, but by the end of 1981 (according to an article in the Scientific American), there was only a total of about 5,000 fragments of dinosaur skeletons”

Taylor forgets that there are natural history museums out there that possesses mass treasure trove of dinosaur fossils either stored in their warehouse of shown on display in their halls for all to see such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, for instance, known for holding the world’s record of possessing a huge collection of dinosaur fossils all unearthed and either stored in lab drawers or put on displayed for the public to see.

Sure it is expensive to excavate fossils. However, The Dinosaur Society, a non-profit organization that uses donations to further dinosaur expeditions and research, takes care of the problem.

And third, what Taylor fails to mention in his book is that scientists don’t just find scrappy pieces such as fossil teeth and vertebra. They also find almost complete to complete skeletons of dinosaurs to the point where museums will have far MORE fossils to obtain and study. Even just one bone can tell scientists so much about its owner. When scientists studied the fragmentary fossils, they compared them to more complete to fully complete fossil remains of dinosaurs to determine which species the bones belongs to and work on reconstructing the dinosaurs based on those studies up from there. Thus, scientists don’t just reach a conclusion based on a single piece of bone, but a lot of bones from almost complete to fully complete fossil skeletons of dinosaurs that fill natural history museums time and time again.

The rest of the article claims that scientists are confused on how to classified and name certain fossils, which is a blatant lie, and tries to give out this following example,

“For example, many years ago dinosaur expert Othniel C. Marsh invented a sauropod family named Atlantosauridae. Into this family he placed the Brontosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Atlantosaurus. Years later, the leading classification expert A.S. Romer decided that all three of these dinosaurs, plus Titanosaurus, were the same as Apatosaurus. In 1966, he changed his mind and reported Apatosaurus was different, but Brontosaurus and Atlantosaurus were the same. Later authors felt that Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus are the same, but that Atlantosaurus is different. It has also been suggested that the Camarasaurus, Morosaurus, and Unitasaurus are all simply young forms of the Apatosaurus. The Aepisaurus and Aegyptosaurus may be the same as Titanosaurus. The same type of confusion is found among all the different main types of dinosaurs. For example, it has been suggested that Agathaumas and the Polyonax dinosaurs may be synonymous with Triceratops. Among the Carnosaurs, it is thought that Saurophagus, Ceratosaurus, Creosaurus, Dryptosaurus, Labrosaurus, Laelaps, Poecilopleuron, and Allosaurus may be the same thing – Antrodemus. At least some of the different “species” of hadrosaurs and ceratopians (particularly Triceratops) may have actually been of the same species. It is certainly possible that at least some of the variations were actually males and females of the same stock. These and many other classifications continue to be confusing and sometimes controversial.”

It seems very confusing. But what they were doing is figuring out how dinosaurs are related to each other based on fossil evidence. The more they do this through careful studies of fossil evidence, the more they learn much about dinosaurs than ever before. Because of this, the number of species will continue to only increase as new and exciting discoveries are made in both the laboratories and in the fields. No decreasing or fluctuations here.

Outdated List of dinosaur Names

List of Dinosaur names: Here we see a highly inaccurate list of dinosaur names. Some of them are in the nomen nudum and nomen dubium categories and others are not really dinosaur names at all. Aachenosaurus is actually a piece of petrified wood and Rhamphorynchus is a pterosaur. The rest are all valid names. To really know the real updated classification and the taxonomy of dinosaur check out these sites.

Fossil Fallacy

The fossil page; page 10-11: “Why is so little known about dinosaurs?” or so Taylor asks. To answer this, he tries to explain that the reason of this is because we only have bones and footprints that are left behind by the dinosaurs to tell us. He then explains what a fossil is, which is something like a plant and animal or an imprint of it that was buried in mud or sand that has been turned to rock. He then explains that after thousands of years, these traces will be found buried in many layers of earth. It’s evident that Taylor knows zilch about how fossils are formed in reality. Fossils are actually remains of plants and animals that have been preserved for eons, not just for thousands of years. The next page gives a list of what kinds of fossils are found.

  1. Bones
  2. Teeth
  3. Claws
  4. Spikes
  5. Horns
  6. Bony plates
  7. Eggs, sometimes with unborn babies
  8. “Gizzard” stones (gastroliths)
  9. Dung (coprolite) Footprints
  10. Imprints of skin (very rare)
  11. Stomach contents (very rare)

However, there are more to the fossils than what is shown on the list. We now have feather imprints and in extremely rare cases imprints of body organs, like in Scipionyx for instance, to be added to the list of fossils found over the years.

Fresh Fossil Spoilage

Taylor then asserts that not every dinosaur bone are all fossils. Buddy Davis, a musician and sculpture artisan, claims he allegedly found [sic] “frozen, fresh, unfossilized” dinosaur bones with ligaments still attached to them in the frozen regions of Alaska. He never demonstrated the claim, nor did he have any actual and or valid photographs taken of the fossils, His book, The (Not-so-Great) Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure only contains photos of the team and some scenic backgrounds. Not one page shows the alleged “fresh” fossils nor were they published in peer-review journals, validly photographed, and fully described on paper. If those alleged ‘fossils’ were real and authentic, scientists would be more than excited to behold the evidence first hand and publish them on papers and scientific journals.

But Brian Switek, one of the regular bloggers I often visit, posted an article about the alleged claim. Apparently, what Laelaps found out from them, after he inquired Ham and his cronies about the bones, is not really what Davis is constantly parading in his drivel. According to the email response, the bones are turning out to be fossilized remains after all! How dishonest can they get?

Scientific Mistakes

On pages 12-13, and on this page here, Taylor goes on to explain how scientists make mistakes by using an Apatosaurus story as an example. But unlike creationists, once the mistake is known, scientists quickly corrects them and make sure the mistake does not get repeated again — a direct contradiction to the creationists who live in denial and hide their mistakes from the public view. It doesn’t matter if it is exposed. They just cover them up and stupidly repeat the same mistakes over and over again in hopes no one will ever find any mistakes in their teachings.

Interpreting Fossils

Then, on pages 14-15 as well as on this page, he goes to explain how it is difficult to interpret fossils. That really all depends on fossil preservation and whether the fossil is fragmentary, partially complete or fully complete. Scientists may sometimes interpret the fossils, skeletal reconstructions, and the restorations wrong, but creationists have been known to interpret them wrong, too.

Taylor asserts that the illustrations of dinosaurs which depicts how they look and behave along with the grand stories scientists tell about them was all the result of guesswork and the imaginations of all those who never saw a living dinosaur, which is half-true. Although in some cases the images and the stories made of dinosaurs are highly conjectural (like what is depicted in Walking with Dinosaurs), the so-called grand-stories of dinosaurs are still the result of finding clues in the fossil record. Scientists unearthed, pieced together, and come up with plausible explanation based on what they found. We many never know everything about dinosaurs. Skin color and voice larynx is among the features that never fossilize. Even so, we do know much about them. He asserts that no one today has ever saw a living dinosaur. Neither did humans of ancient and prehistoric times. Except birds, the last dinosaur died out 60 million years before the first humans came about 4 million years ago.

Taylor rhetorically claims that no one also has ever found a fossil of a dinosaur with photographs and labels showing what the dinosaur is like, which is stupid because it’s exactly the same as if to assert that no one has ever found a dead body of a murdered victim with photographs and labels showing who killed that person. He even when so far to claim that every dinosaur painting is sure to contain some wrongful information. So do all the dinosaur paintings made by the Creationists themselves. The only difference is that the information YECs put into all of their paintings is completely ALL wrong and none right! He then gives out an unmerited example of an imaginative examination of finding remains of a poodle and a peacock that has been unearthed if, at the time, no one has ever saw those 2 animals alive. The bones, he claims, do not tell the whole story. Even if you are a good artist, or so he says, it will be a miracle if you can draw an accurate picture of the 2 animals just by using just the 2 skeletons and your imagination.

All in all what Taylor is claiming above is the best example of creationists dehumanizing scientists, accusing them of being wrong in everything they say and depicted in their paintings about dinosaurs while ignoring the real work scientists do in reconstructing and restoring an animal based on fossil evidence, which are made of of not just bones, but footprints, skin, feather, and organ imprints, eggs, and dung, and comparing them with plants and animals which are closely related to them. Scientists have proven themselves right in a lot of ways, including in their paintings, such as the fact that some dinosaurs have feathers despite YECs’ vain attempts to discredit them.

Taylor then claims that if scientists are able to invent a time machine, they could go back in time and observe the dinosaurs and know really what they are like and be surprised by what they saw. We would be surprised if we have a time machine to take us back to the time of the dinosaurs, but unfortunately we don’t. Even if we do, we won’t be surprised at the fact the evidence clearly tells us that the universe is 4.5 billion years old, not 6,000 years old, and that dinosaurs lived, flourished, and died millions of years ago before there were any people on earth.


Contradicting Bible Verses

On page 16 and on this page, the question is asked, ‘Where do dinosaurs come from?’ To answer this, Taylor invokes the Bible and claims that there are Dinosaurs (of non-avian types) found in the Bible and that dinosaurs were created alongside of man, which are both blatant lies. He lies even more by claiming they were made from the dust of the earth like man as told in Genesis 2;19. Thus to him, man and dinosaurs lived at the same time — at least that’s what Taylor would like for you to believe.

YECs, in their warped imagination, pretends there was such a time as dinosaurs living with man and insist falsely that what they imagine is true because the Bible says so, while in fact it don’t. The idea that the “first” dinosaurs being created from the dust of the earth did came from Genesis 2:19 where God took a handful of dust and made all of the animals for Adam to name. But there’s plenty wrong with this logic. That verse, whether the Bible Literalists want to admit it or not, contradicts Genesis 1:24 where it is said that God made the animals before man and not afterwords like verse 19 says.

Did you know there are actually 2 versions of the creation story in the Bible instead of just one? It’s true, even though some Bible scholars may say that this is nothing than a supplement of Genesis 1. Look at Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 carefully and you will find there are actually 2 versions of the creation story, not just one. Genesis 1 has the first version of the creation story and it ends in Genesis chapter 2, verse 3 and Genesis 2 has the second version of the creation story that begins in Genesis 2:4 and ends in verse 25. Don’t believe me? Look at these.