The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 10

Ham’s Ideas Solves Not a Dang Thing

Ham says that telling people about the true history of the world and presenting the solution to the world’s problems (his way) is what his book is all about or so he thinks. To tell you the truth, his ideas and solutions to the world’s problems will not solve a dang thing! Having all people comply with Ham’s ideas will not bring a utopian society to the world— quite the opposite will happen. People who accept the opposite will be either jailed or executed and their hard earn fruits of their labor, no matter how authentic they are, will be burned, desecrated, and destroyed. Even if everyone conforms to Ham’s views, there will still be lawlessness, divorce, sexual immorality, prejudice, abuse, suicide, abortions, school shootings, violence, and everything else Ham wrongly blames evolution for.

Creationism Teaches Hate

Ham thinks he has the final solution to the problems of racism and has put them all in his One Blood book. Yet turns around and hypocritically put in segregated and prejudicial guidelines in his so-called “statements of faith” and in his AIG job offerings that excludes the following: Muslim, Jews, Islamics, old earth and progressive creationists, and anybody else he don’t like regardless of who they are. Ham is a hate monger, showing off no reasonable solutions to all the world’s problems showing off every form of hatred towards those who oppose Ham’s idiocy.

Creationism is not only of the Devil, it’s all about hate! Pure rock solid hate! This powerful article clearly confirms this to be fact as it tells about many instances of creationists persecuting those, even Christians, who don’t agree with their views in a very violent matter. Here are some other facts about some well known creationists out there who promote and advocate hate in their teachings in one form or another.

Did you know that Kent Hovind is anti-semitic? And Ham’s crackhouse is located in an area that has major problems with racial crimes, civil unrest, and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)? Did you know that the KKK supports creationism, too? And Jack Chick, a radical fundamentalist and a Young Earth advocate has a strong hatred towards Catholics? Did you know that AIG has a policy that says they don’t allow Jews, Gays, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witness, Theistic evolutionists, and all others they don’t like into their group? Did you know that Ham hates Gays and Lesbians and slanders them as much as he slanders all other who oppose his views? And finally, did you know that Henry Morris is prejudice against black people as much as his mentor, George M. Price was during his time? I would not be surprised if I find out that ham and his cronies at his crackhouse kick out, fired, and excommunicate such people and others that don’t like, questioned, even challenged their idiocy, the very same way the Australian Church have excommunicated John Mackay from the fold according to one of Jim Lippard’s AiG/CMI schism articles. To know more about YECism and their ties to racism as well as where the so-called crackhouse is being planted at in the area of civil unrest and racial violence, see these sites.

Hovind and the KKK

There are also allegations of misconduct going on deep within Ham’s organization that caused a group of creationists to split apart from AiG several years ago and form an organization of their own called Creation Ministries International (CMI). Although for once they are very honest in what’s going on at Ham’s pad that prompted them to break away and form CMI, this doesn’t stop them from churning out one stupid lie after another about dinosaurs, morality, etc.

There will be constant continuations of family problems persisting even if everyone accepts Ham’s views, especially when husbands beat their wives and children especially when they are drunk or under the influence of dope, if they either give him a hard time, see something about them he doesn’t like, or don’t give into his overbearing, bossy, demanding ways, and much, much more. Like I said, Ham’s so-called “final solution” to the problems of evolution and “long ages” will only create more problems and solve not a dang thing.

Warped Kind of Preaching

To be honest, creationists like Ham is not really interested in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What they’re really interested in is preaching only young earth dogma and getting rich off of them. Nevertheless, nearly every young earth book reserve their last sections for “preaching to the choir” in one form or another. This book is no exception.

Pages 88-93, in the next section only displays a sermon made by Ham’s brother who is a fundamentalist pastor who wrote this sermon in a KJV Bible matter, an otherwise essential tool in winning souls to the Lord. But when shoehorned into the creationist dogma, it becomes a pawn to help Ham and his cronies proselytize people into believing all of their creation lies and set them all up for the fall. Once they realized this what they teach is all a myth and evolution is everything that’s totally opposite of what Ham, his brother, and others claim it is, then they will do everything creationists would tell them to and either get violent and lash out at anyone who oppose their views, denounced their Christian Faith and become either atheists, Buddhists, Wiccans, or any other believer in a cult religion, or take on a much different kind of a Christian Faith after they put up a struggle over their walk in the Christian faith causing them to argue with themselves and God to the point of cursing Him and telling Him to #@$% off and die and be devastated over the damage that has been done to them, no thanks to the likes of Ham. If Ham is a Christian, which it is highly doubtful, then he is among the lost sheep; wayward, carnal types who says they are of God, but walk in the ways of the world (sinful society), spreading lies and deception for money, power, and personal gain as well as compromising here and there. Speaking of compromising…

The Real Compromisers

Creationists like Ham accuses evolutionists who are Christians of compromising good and evil. In Ham’s eyes, creation=good evolution=evil, never mind the real compromiser who wrote this propaganda book. An example of this is on Pages 94-95 featuring an unlikely conversation between a father and a son in a fictional “compromising” family. Ham thinks this is the case in many homes of those who compromises science and the Bible and declares that a self-proclaimed Christian Dad, who advocates young earthism understands that all of his (sic) knowledge built on (in large capital letters) the Bible does (in large capital letters) have all of the answers (in large capital letters), which he don’t- lots (in large capital letters) of answers (all false, dishonest and untruthful) to not just questions on dinosaurs, but answers about basic questions about life and the universe- all dishonest, untruthful and full of ignorance, lies, and slander.

Sorry Ham. Even having the knowledge built on the Bible will not help the Christian Dad achieve all reasonable answers. He’ll become just as confused and clueless as the imaginary “compromising” stereotype. Even the Christian Dad will know nothing of what to say, have deadness in his life, and can’t explain and defend his supposed bible knowledge in the light of valid scientific evidence and just talk away to give the people, whom he is talking to, the impression that they don’t have to take the bible seriously. Especially since he only takes one part of the Bible, as distorted by Ham, seriously while ignoring everything else the Bible says that debunks Ham’s idiocy hands down. The Christian Dad whose knowledge is actually built on ignorance and distortions of the Bible is no different than the supposed Compromising Dad as pictured by Ham.

The real difference between families who accept Ham’s stupid lies and ignorance and families who reject Ham’s lies and ignorance is that families who reject Ham’s lies have no problems accepting science, evolution, and the Bible. They don’t even find anything confusing about it. The only thing that does bring on the confusion to the people about science and the Bible is the creationists themselves who offer no knowledge and reasonable answers to any issue concerning science and morality.

Families who accepts Ham’s idiocies have major problems dealing with insurmountable evidence that destroys their fairy tale beliefs. So they embrace ignorance, denial, and have faith in hopes that such evidence that destroys their little world goes away (which it won’t) and have all the lies Ham tells to them are true.

The So-Called Millions of Years of Death and Suffering

Ham, also in this section, tries to scare the reader into not becoming like the Gap Theorists, Theistic Evolutionists, Old Earth Creationists, and Progressive Creationists simply because they accept the concept of worldwide unending venatio made up of only death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering, just as depicted in so many science fiction films and comics, occurring before Adam’s sin, while forgetting deliberately that the fossil record is void of anything similar to the scenarios seen inside the Roman Colosseum during the time of the Roman Empire and death and suffering did occurred before Adam sinned when plants suffered and die when devoured by an menagerie of sickly, sweet animals. If none of such unpleasantries occurred, then God would have wasted his creative hands creating things to help fight back against pain, suffering, bloodshed, and disease.

Death, pain, suffering, and everything else supposedly bad is all a necessary part of life. If they’re all evil, then so is God. God created those things along with everything else good and bad to benefit us and the whole world in a very special way.

Pain serves as a defensive weapon against certain things that hot, sharp, and much too dangerous for people to handle inside and out. Look at this example of how no pain is very bad, there are children out there who are born with the disability that causes the nerves inside their bodies to be completely void of pain. You may think it’s a nice concept but it’s not. Here is an article that tells about a boy who has a major problem with no pain in his body. After you read this article about the boy, you will come to realize that not only the no-pain-before-the-Fall claim is indeed blatantly flawed to the core, but you will agree that no pain is indeed Hell as the title puts it.

Rich Deem, webmaster of (he doesn’t agree with evolution, but he is against young earthism.) has a page that contains an article that tells of the difference between what YECs think about death and suffering and what death and suffering is all about, how people throughout history, even to this very day, unlike animals, have been known and is still, to this day, known now to behave very much, much, more worse than animals, despite what YECs like Ham preaches, and how pain and suffering is vital to our survival. You can view 2 of Rich’s articles here and here.

The Real Record of Death, Bloodshed, Disease, and Suffering

Please keep in mind that the only record that does have death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering is the religious record, not the fossil record. You won’t see the things in the fossil record that you will see in the records involving a pope starting the Crusades which involves killing innocent people by the thousands, a queen as well as a pope establishing an inquisition to help “purify” the souls of men through torture devices such as the rack and the strapado, and a expedition to the New World that involves killing, raping, and burning innocent Native Americans to name a few of the countless incidents of atrocities being committed all in the name of religion. To know more of atrocities committed in the past all in the name of Christian religion, click here.

Ham also stated that they also believe that Noah’s Flood happened locally instead of globally, which is nothing wrong with that despite what Ham believes. Just ask the Titanic explorers who also found evidence of Noah’s Flood in the area of the Black Sea that took place 7,500 years ago.

The “Enemies of God” according to YECs

The truth is that Ham along with all other young earth creationists are compromisers themselves, being completely everything they accuse Gap Theorists, Theistic Evolutionists, Old Earth Creationists, and Progressive Creationists of with no exception. They’re also hypocrites, too. Hypocrites who are greedy for power, money, and leadership. In an bigoted attitude no different from other religious cults who declares that everyone who don’t agree with their views are headed for Hell, including cults lead by abusive and destructive pastors like this doomsday cult leader for instance, Ham declares that anyone who are against his views is a compromiser, and of the Devil’s children. Christian and non-Christian, it doesn’t matter. According to Ham, all are “enemies of God” when they reject their teachings. Such people according to Ham are destined for Hell while the YECs and their followers will going through the pearly gates into Paradise all made in the way they wanted it…. or so they believe. Fortunately, Christianity does NOT work that way.

Ham without exception is everything he accuses all those who don’t agree with his views of, including being “willfully ignorant.” Also he is not God! It is not for him and all of us to decide whether or not people go to either Heaven or Hell because they either accept or reject his 6,000 year lie. Only God can decide whether people can go to Heaven or Hell. And He’ll do that only for reasons that have zero to do with whether one believes the 6,000 year lie or not and everything to do with whether one truly knows and accepts His Son as Lord and Savior or not.

This kind of attitude Ham displays in all of his propaganda literature is entirely no different than the attitudes of other radical religious cult leaders who hold people especially women and children against their will and used them for sex, regards certain peoples like Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Islamic groups as “Enemies of God”, and angrily threaten Hell, death, and damnation if a person in their group refuses to comply to their legalistic ways and leave their fold for good. Everything Ham displays in this propaganda book is entirely unbiblical, untruthful, and dangerous. This what Ham advocate will only destroy the Christian Faith instead of building it.

Appendix A

Now we get to Appendix A of the book that contains scores of what he calls “Dinosaur Facts,” which is really more of Dinosaur Myths than facts, where on pages 97-144 contain a whole list of quotes and excerpts from real dinosaur books and from creationist materials as well. All the better to plant a false notion in ones head that this is a science book while it’s not. All of the quotes taken from real dinosaur literature, that are all outdated by 5, 10, 20, even 30 years or more, has been taken out of context, fabricated, and twisted to fit the views of the YECs. In some cases, Ham tries to slanderously nitpick at certain areas of some normal dinosaur books in an effort to try to prove to the reader of how flawed their science is while hiding his own loose branches and firewood from his own “family tree.”

Family Tree falsehood

One example of Ham’s nitpicking is on page 114 where he nitpicks on a popular dinosaur book, David Norman’s The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (1985) and David Lambert’s A Field Guide to Dinosaurs (1990). This is where he falsely claim of missing gaps or branches that are not filled in the dinosaur family tree charts that involves reptiles that lived before dinosaurs and a family tree of dinosaurs themselves. He claims the period around 230 million years ago has absolutely (in large capital letters) no connections to any of the branches, just hypothetical lines. Mockingly, He says that in real life, you won’t have a tree but, instead, a nice pile of firewood or a bunch of loose twigs on the ground just like Creationist Taz Walker’s own tree of life.

What Ham claims is an outright, blatant falsehood. The family tree chart on page 21 came from an old 20 year outdated book written by David Norman and the other one was written by David Lambert 15 years ago. The reason there are seemingly connected hypothetical lines in the chart is because scientists are trying to figure out how the animals evolve based on fossil evidence. This is what they come up with thus far. No doubt, much of the so-called gaps are filled and the family tree of reptiles gets modified when scientific studies gets updated by fossil discoveries that are made in the fields as well as in laboratories. The only real life scenario where no one has a tree, but a nice pile of firewood or jumbled sticks lying on the ground is the creationists themselves (See Taz Walker’s pruning of the Dinosaur Family Tree into firewood to prove his own Dinosaur Fairy Tale for best example of this.) who dredges up the family tree falsehood just to ignore the evidence for ancient reptilian lineage that spans 250 million years, evolutionary style.

Distortions of Medieval Literature

And that’s not all. There are also Bible verses found in there, also taken out of context and interpreted wrongly along with old ancient manuscripts that are fabricated, invalid, outdated by centuries, and completely unreliable. Including a claim made up by a creationist on page 120, who made up a faulty book called After The Flood (1995) which features a chapter that claims of having overwhelming, yet false evidences of dinosaurs and dinosaur like creatures existing in European Danish and Anglo-Saxon countries during medieval times that has never existed [my emphases]. These are all nothing but fabrications made up by the YECs who took out of context certain bits and pieces of Medieval artwork out of context. Especially small cropped up bits of some certain church carvings of fighting or playing mammals (Possibly coming from ruins of an old Greek or Roman building dated to days of Ancient Rome.) that depicts a horse fighting off a wild cat. This is what YECs wrongfully brand as so-called “quadruped” dinosaurs while they’re in fact modern animals resemble horses and large felines. Whether it’s old literature, especially an old mythic poem about Beowulf and his battle with Grendel, who was actually an ogre, sculptures, or other artifacts involving dragons, there is no doubt that the creationists took them all, distorted, and fabricate them to fit their narrow minded beliefs. See my previous posts for rebuttals to Cooper’s dragon claim.

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Misrepresenting Peter Wellnhofer

They also misrepresented Peter Wellnhofer, who wrote a book called Pterosaurs: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Flying Reptiles (1991) who says that sightings of fossil remains of pterosaurs and other fossils may helped to fuel the people’s belief in dragons. What Peter gave out in his book is what creationists claim to be evidences of live Pterosaurs being sighted by the people who lived during Medieval times. This is false. Peter never meant that when he gave out some examples of dragons stories found on page 20-21 in his book. Apparently, the creationists have taken those stories out of context and fabricated them to fit their beliefs. Honestly, I don’t have the book, so I consulted a friend online who says that he has the book and shows me that Peter is not giving out any evidence of pterosaurs the way YECs wanted it. Instead, Peter is really telling the readers that none of the stories he tells about dragons have anything to do with live pterosaur findings. Here is what Peter has to say about the examples he gave out on page 21,

“However, none of these concepts of dragons has anything to do with pterosaur fossil finds. Even when they really were based on fossilized remains, the wings are always represented as bird like or bat-like. Actual pterosaur fossils could hardly have given rise to dragon legends, as the significance of such remains was disputed as late as the early nineteenth century, when scientific investigation had already begun.”

None of the dragons told in the stories have features that match that of pterosaurs such as hairy bodies, wings that are supported with one elongated finger, and a gorilla-like body. What the YECs put in their literature and websites are not at all full text article, but just large, fully distorted out-of-context excerpts that are mined from Peter’s book and twisted to fit Ham’s beliefs.

Much of what is in the Appendix will do you no good in giving you a reference to anything about dinosaurs you want due to distortions, fabrications, and out-of-text quotes where the YECs would leave out stuff that refutes their fantasy claims, and use unreliable, outdated, imaginative, made up tales and literature and art from medieval times to vainly prove their myth to be a reality. This web page below contain links to websites that debunks scores of quote mining claims made up by YECs like Ham who takes scores of creative liberties to fabricate them to fit his beliefs.

Appendix B

Appendix B on pages 145-151 contains just references to real dinosaur books that are out there that can in most cases be checked out at a local library. Ironic isn’t it for Ham to refer these when he uses them as punching bags as well as quote mining in an effort to vainly refute all of the facts therein.

The Last Pages

Now we get to the last pages that contains both snail-mail address and e-mail address to their idiot website and headquarters on page 152, a list of YEC books to read on pages 153-154 with all flaws found in them and finally a list of credits containing who illustrated and photograph the images found in the book on page 155.


This book, falsely branded as a science book, will do you NO good in researching dinosaurs. It solves nothing and explain nothing of what Ham claims about dinosaurs and the bible. All throughout the propaganda book, Ham tries to claim that the Bible has all the answers to everything science, including dinosaurs, but what he claims is entirely false. The Bible does not have all the answers to everything science including dinosaurs and evolution because the Bible is written long before anyone knew anything science, dinosaurs, and evolution. Thus, the Bible never really said anything about them to begin with.

Despite his idiotic assertions, he only proved time and time again that every claim he made are all nothing more than direct fabrications, propaganda, bible distortions, scores of hate mongering, exploitations of dinosaurs, lies, slander, false accusations, bearing false witness, and blatant outright hypocrisy that explains and solve not a dang thing. Ham, however, seems to be trying to change all that by seeing some of the error of the creationists’ ways and create this page on his idiot site that lists the arguments he thinks young earth charlatans like him should not use. Although I think what he did is a good idea for once, he’s still no different than the other YECs. He still continues to use the ones that should have been on that list, such as the Dinosaurs-living-with-man fallacy, the dinosaurs-are-dragons-and-vice-versa fallacies, the all-dinosaurs-were-vegetarians fallacy, the evolution-being-the-source-of-all-the-world’s-evils fallacy, the evolution-teaches-we-came-from-animals-and-it’s-ok-to-have-an-abortion fallacy and other fallacies he touts from time to time. But, in spite of the article, one must always be highly aware of the amount of integrity of Ham and all other YECs have when it comes to their actions, thinking, and morality – they have none!