The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved Part 6

Post-Flood Fate

Page 59 now asks, “Is there any evidence of dinosaurs living after the Flood?” This meaningless question is answered by Ham as “yes,” despite none being found in the sediment rock strata dated back to the time of the pyramid construction in Egypt. Otherwise we would be seeing Egyptian art featuring dinosaurs, other than birds, found on the walls of the pyramids and the tombs of ancient Egypt. But no such evidence has ever been found.

Ham claims the world was more of a dangerous place for the dinosaurs after the flood. How right he is, if the Flood was a worldwide event. Noah and his family may have to eat only meat just as God has told them to because they will have no choice. They’ll find all the soil washed away so they can’t plant their crops; They will witness many animals that are meat eaters killing off all of the plant eaters that are starving because all of the plants will all be killed off in the Flood and die of starvation themselves; Lobsters, whales, and all other saltwater sea creatures will all die out because they cannot survive in fresh water and vice versa; coral will be destroyed; Insects would die off; the water would all be salt, acidic like, and totally unfit for anyone to drink in; parasites and diseases will do all the remaining animals and people in; And the people will finally starve. That’s what will happen if there was a worldwide Flood event.

If there was a global Flood, those that did survive the Flood will not have a chance to survive in the alleged post-Flood world that will finish them all off one by one. Talk about having the full judgment of an angry, merciless God who overdid it and went way out of hand to punish earth to the point where He would not even spared Noah and his family of the Flood’s aftermath afterwards, the ones He supposedly rescued from the Flood! It is most likely that the actual Great Flood of Noah was no doubt highly catastrophic localized event that seems to Flood the entire world by ancient standards. Noah and his family, after they left the ark, will not go far to plant and raise crops for food, animals will have no trouble finding food to help sustain themselves, the coral will flourish, and all the fresh and salt water animals will live.

Behemoth Blunder

Then on page 59 through 66, Ham brings on the old fabled Behemoth-as-dinosaur fallacy and says that the account of Job 40:15-19 serves as evidence of people meeting up with dinosaurs while it doesn’t. An excellent example of how YECs misquote bible verses fit their narrow-minded beliefs, constantly and wrongfully insisting that verse 15 in the passage refers to the size of the monster’s tail while the verse in fact only refers to the tail’s (a word use as a euphemism for penis) movements. Ham then resorts to making pathetic “it’s so sad” remarks just like he always does when he does his idiot radio shorts by saying,

“Isn’t it sad that evolutionary education so dominant even the real (sic) thinking of Christians due to scientific evidence, that the translators would go against my way of reading Job 40 and put in the name of the animal contradicted by what I demand our description of behemoth to be whether they like it or not (My meaning of those words in bold.)?”

There is nothing really sad about it. Ham, stupid as his pathetic pity parties, thinks he has the right to dictate bible translators to make the bible mean exactly what he alone wants it to mean. Never mind the real translation and the supplemental passages found in other Jewish texts that shows to us in full frontal view that Behemoth is neither a hippo, an elephant, nor a dinosaur, but a supernatural monster resembling an bull ox. He even lies about evolution, claiming it to be nothing but a religious doctrine, a concept made up by creationists to counter the truthful claims about YECism being of religion. Evolution is religious doctrine per se’ Creationists teach evolution in a religious matter by making it occur in very fast moving way. They imagine this type of evolution to explain the huge mass diversities of extant and extinct animals and how did Adam name all the animals in one day, how did Noah’ put all of the animals into the ark at God’s command, and how did God created everything without overcrowding the world— pretend that God only made a few handful of animals and have it evolve into scores of varieties of species we see today. Now doesn’t that contradict the notion of life did not evolve but were created as constantly parroted by creationists and all of their advocates? It sure does.

Page 62 shows a outdated image of a Brachiosaurus standing right next to a elephant and a hippopotamus. No, this not a comparison of the dinosaur’s full size with the two modern animals, but a faulty example comparing the size of the Barchiosaurus tail (Dinosaurs Of Eden book does the same thing) with the size of the tail of the elephant and the hippo as a direct example of distorting a certain verse in the Behemoth passage to make it as if it refers to the size of the tail, not its movements. But no, Ham. Behemoth (or Behemot) is neither a dinosaur, a hippo, nor the elephant, but a supernatural monstrous bull ox of Jewish folklore. On the upper left hand corner, there is a outdated version of the classification of the dinosaur.


Pages 63-66 shows outdated descriptions of Brachiosaurus whose wrongfully branded as the biblical Behemoth found in the passage of Job 40 in the bible. It’s obvious the creationists along with Ham got the idea to make Behemoth into a dinosaur after seeing the 1959 B-movie Behemoth, the Sea monster (or The Giant Behemoth in the US). In my opinion, this science fiction film is exactly where they got the idea of falsely branding Behemoth as the sauropod dinosaur from. Never mind the tail passage’s actual references to the animal’s phallus located outside the mammalian monster’s body.

Brachiosaurus, a reptilian monster, with genitals inside its body, was a massive sauropod that lived during the Jurassic Period 150 million years ago in what is now North America. This giant measures about 80 feet long and stood about 40 feet high. What’s most intriguing about this reptilian giraffe is that unlike most sauropod dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus had a body resembling a giraffe with front legs longer than its hind legs. Brachiosaurus’ neck is held vertically up high to help it reach for high growing plants to eat and digest using stones to help grind its food due to lack of chewing teeth.

Extinction of The Dinosaurs

Ham’s comedy shines in the section that starts on page 67 and goes all the way through page 78 where he states in the beginning that after the Flood, God told Noah that all animals would fear him according to Genesis 9:17 (not all of them do, however) and then tells about how life would be hard for people and animals after the Flood. It would be if there was a global Flood where people and animals will be forced to compete for food and space only for the situations to escalate to venatio – style violence once more.

In some cases, this has lead many animals, including birds, into extinction due to the interferences of man (i.e. destruction of the environment, over hunting, over grazing, introduction of disease and predators, etc.). All because of man, who want to settle everywhere he wants to make a living and do farming and protect himself, his family, his animals, and his crops. Dinosaurs were not one of them. Otherwise we would have seen dinosaur fossils, other than birds, dating back to the time of the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the expeditions of Marco Polo, the Vikings, the Pirates, the sacking of Troy, Spartacus’ rebellion, Anthony and Cleopatra, etc. But none are found!

Ham then asks why are people so intrigued about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Answer: it is a very mysterious event that have baffled even scientists for a long, long time. For years and years, scientists have been searching for clues to help solve the mysterious disappearance of the dinosaurs and lately they have uncovered a while lot of evidence that tells us that a meteorite, 65 million years ago, slam itself in the earth in what is now the Gulf of Mexico creating a catastrophe that have wiped out about 60-70% of life on earth, including dinosaurs. And this is man’s almost science-fiction? What do you call all this in Ham’s book!? Exactly what Ham thinks of evolution is, of course. He is indeed advocating a complete science-fiction tale made up of lies told in God’s name about science, evolution, and the age of the earth. Evolution due to scientific evidence is certainly far from it.

Distortion of Evolution

Young earth extremism is without exception everything Ham in the next section accuses evolution and its supporters of, which includes the accusation of it being propaganda that permeates even Christians with its philosophy.

One Big Joke!

This next section shows just how pathetically, absent-mindful Ham is when it comes to explaining the extinction of dinosaurs. Ham thinks there is nothing mysterious about the dinosaur extinction, if we build our brainlessness (my translation of the quote) on the bible, Ham and other YECs strongly distorts from time to time while being blatantly stupid and ignorant of the bible having nothing to solve and explain the mysteries of the dinosaur extinction.

His idea of how the dinosaurs went into extinction is worth a billion laughs! Especially when it comes to the encouragement of going to a manager of some zoo and ask him questions about the endangered species programs, why do some animals become extinct, and why did the dinosaurs became extinct and get some far-fetched, idiotic answers like,

“We’ve lost lots of animals from this earth. Animals are becoming extinct all the time. Look at all the animals that are gone forever. We need to act to save the animals”;“It’s obvious! People killing them, lack of food, man destroying the environment, diseases, genetic problems, catastrophes like floods—there are lots of reasons.”; and “We don’t know! Scientists have suggested dozens of possible reasons, but it’s a mystery.”

Which leads up to,

“Maybe one of the reasons dinosaurs are extinct is that we did not start our endangered species programs early enough. The factors that cause extinction today, which came about because of man’s sin—the Curse, the aftermath of the Flood (a judgment), etc.—are the same factors that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.”

And he wonders why people laugh at him and mock his silly, stupid lies. The jokes’ on you, Ham! You’re only kidding yourself with such idiocy that it’s no wonder why everyone in their right mind rejects and laugh at his idiotic stupidity.


Pages 69 shows a Triceratops picture with an outdated classification of it underneath the picture.

Pages 70-73 shows an outdated description and false history of Triceratops, the largest of the horned dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous period 70-65 million years ago in what is now North America. In it, as before, Ham blames the fabled global Flood for the extinction of Triceratops while ignoring every evidence of the Triceratops being killed off by a meteor 65 million years ago.

Cryptozoology Ham’s Way

Pages 74-77 shows Ham trying to the answer to the question, “Are dinosaurs extinct?” while clinging to a false hope that perhaps someday soon, a live prehistoric monster such as the supposed elephants in Nepal, sauropods in Africa, the fabled Loch Ness Monster, and (I’m not making this up) a stupid fabled plant-eating T.rex! Here Ham claims,

“One cannot prove an organism is extinct without having knowledge of every part of the earth’s surface simultaneously.”

Pretty ironic, isn’t it? We have the knowledge to know that the passenger pigeon and the Tasmanian wolf died out and yet we have no proof whatsoever of the any existence of every cryptozoological creature known such as Big Foot for instance. But that doesn’t stop wishful thinkers like Ham from looking for these elusive animals.

“Experts have been embarrassed when, after having declared animals extinct, they were discovered alive and well.”

More like excited than embarrassed. The ones that should be embarrassed over all of this is the creationists themselves who tried to refute the extinction myth as told on pages 74-75 by fabricating them into one whole species, but they can’t.

“What experts really discovered are animals that are in fact living species much different than the extinct animals they are related to. For example, in the 1990s explorers found elephants in Nepal that have many features of mammoths.”

Try Stegodon, Ham! The stegodon is an extinct elephant, much different than mammoths, that is believed to be the ancestors of elephants and mammoths, but nowadays it is thought to have no modern descendants. What Ham claims here is a direct fabrication of modern sightings of utant versions of modern elephants that have interbred to look more like Stegodons than normal modern elephants. The next claim involves a sighting made in Australia of trees that are once thought to be extinct. What they really saw is Wollemia nobilis, the last, sole surviving member of the Wollemia Family with features much different than its extinct relatives.

Next, Ham parades the claim involving alleged dinosaur sightings in Africa.

“Explorers and natives in Africa have reported sighting dinosaur-like creatures, even in the twentieth century. These have usually been confined to out-of-the-way places such as lakes deep in the Congo jungles. Descriptions certainly fit those of dinosaurs.”

Except the fact that the monsters such as Mokele Mbembe are said to have a frill on the back of its head, a horn on its snout, and 3 toes on each foot, while Sauropods have in fact none of it, and Emela-ntouka is said to have no frill, one ivory horn, crocodile tail, smooth skin, and long, sharp teeth, while ceratopsians have in fact none of it; the horns are made of bone, they have bony frills and scales, a bony beak, and one type of ceratopsians have spiny bristles growing from their tails. It’s obvious Ham would rather ignore the fact that the sightings of these so-called dinosaur-like animals are in fact based on rhinoceros sightings. The natives living in the Congo region must have seen rhinos roaming in areas not normally seen in this part of Africa and invented stories based on those sightings to make the stories more entertaining and to keep rival tribes away from their territory.

Then, Ham mentions about a cave found where it is said to have alleged Native American carvings of dinosaurs together alongside mammoths.

“Cave paintings by native Americans seem to depict a dinosaur. Scientists accept the mammoth drawings in the cave, so why not the dinosaur drawings? Evolutionary indoctrination that man did not live at the same time as dinosaurs stops most scientists from even considering that the drawings are of dinosaurs.”

Wrong! The real reason why this “stops most scientists from even considering that the drawings are of dinosaurs” is that they’re either all modern drawings> created as a publicity stunt, including the so-called carving that’s really in fact a dinosaur puppet facing a trunkless mammoth stuff toy, or an ancient artist conception of a modern animal such as an eagle. “Evolutionary indoctrination” had nothing to do with it. Creationist hoaxes and indoctrination does. And these creationist hoaxes is what creationists like Ham use to prove their fallacy with the assumption that these things should not surprise and embarrass the creationists, but should embarrass the evolutionists instead. It won’t.

In reality these alleged sightings are not an embarrassment to the creationists. Rather it is a total disgrace. It is an absolute disgrace for any creationist to use alleged cryptic sightings, forgeries, ancient artist conceptions of modern animals claimed by creationists to be dinosaurs simply because of it being shaped like one (never mind the details which clearly says they’re not), fabricated legends, myths, fairy tales, and folklore, and hoaxes to prove a young earth, for all they do is render young earth creationism and its supporters into a major laughing stock of both the whole Christian church and the scientific community. Even if they are what creationists claimed they are, this still doesn’t explain why is there no traces of dinosaur remains alongside human remains in all forms of records from archaeological to the fossil record.